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NUJ And The Baggage Of A Fraudulent President

by Anita Ogona

It is a shame that the president of NUJ, Chris Isiguzo can even be remotely connected to certificate forgery and fraudulent practices.

For a union that mirrors the society, it is unthinkable that it’s president is being attached to forgery, perjury and criminal intents

From what has been gathered, Isiguzo was sacked from Thisday Newspaper for presenting fake qualifications.

According to the Managing Editor of Thisday newspaper, Joseph Ushigiale, the decision to sack Isiguzo was made following various enquiries from media practitioners who sought clarification on his qualifications. The paper thereafter discovered discrepancies in his documents after conducting a review.

“He was asked to explain and then he said he didn’t own those papers,” Ushigiale said. “He denied that the papers belong to him.”

From the management’s findings, when Isiguzo submitted a handwritten application in 2006 when he sought employment at the organisation, he wrote in it that he is an HND holder.

“And we decided that he has been very economical with the truth, because he has misled us in presenting documents that are not substantiated.”

Ushigiale also confirmed Isiguzo submitted documents which claimed he has an HND from the Federal Polytechnic, Oko, and a diploma from Hyles-Anderson College, United States, “and all of them were acquired the same year, which is not possible”.

Even in becoming NUJ president, he obtained the position through a crooked means.

isiguzo has never been far away from shady dealings all his life as stated by people who have worked with him over the years.

Is Isiguzo fit to be NUJ President? What moral right does he have to put public officers on their toes? What kind of image is the NUJ portraying?

By Kelechi Chukwu

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