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What Killed World Tallest Man At 22 Years Of Age?

by Anita Ogona
By the time Robert Wadlow turned 8 years old, he was already taller than his father. Diagnosed with hyperplasia of the pituitary gland — a condition that causes excessive growth due to a high level of human growth hormones — Wadlow stood about 6 feet (1.82m) tall as a child.
In the years following, he would only grow taller, ultimately reaching 8’11” (2.71m). Though Wadlow died in 1940 at age 22, there’s yet to be another person who’s reached his height.
There are videos of him on YouTube. The dude was almost 9ft tall. He died of an injury to one of his toes at the age of 22. The toe was infected by some microbial which had no drugs then. He would have lived longer if he was born in the 21st Century as his growth could have been reversed or stabilized at an earlier stage of his life.

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