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Adopt Family Planning Stop Giving Out Your Children For Househelp: See How Couple Brutalize This 11Year Old Maid

by Anita Ogona
 Couple resident in port Harcourt over the weekend brutalized their 11 years old  minor househelp, Chinwendu.
The Abused 11 year old Chiwendu is receiving treatment at a private hospital in PH. the police has also arrested the couple who  are undergoing interrogation at Kala Police Station.  Chinwendu was shipped to school where her teachers insisted she needed medical care and sent her home instead of hiding their shame, the couple threated to beat the teacher for interfering into their family matter, before the police was invited into the matter.
If you are supposed to be a guardians but are tired of their househelp they should bundle the person to their poor parents rather than his inhuman treatment. Despite the bruises she was able to smile

There must be justice for little Chiwendu
Parents should stop giving out their kids to strangers in the name of househelp .This day light witchcraft is becoming too much
If u are poor, keep your kids with you, soak garri with them and give them parental love. I don’t like seeing this kind of things, each time I come across these, my heart bleeds. What sort of heart does this women have? Why are women the problem of the less privileged? What crime can a child of this age commit that warrant this brutality? Every woman out there, known or unknown that derives joy in maltreating their wards, I pray for you wherever you are, peace will elude you, as you love inflicting pain, pain will never leave you alone.
OKORO GOODNESS Wrote;- If you have been in the shoes of all this house help you will genuinely weep on there behalf. This people are suffering hell in the name of house help, some time they go starving for no cause. there madam denied them access to live of human being and subject them to agony of sorrow.
This idiotic beings called madam almost turned my younger to an imbecile for no reason.
My prayer for every lady outside there is that you will not die and leave your children in the hands of wolf in human nature to train We lost our parents at earlier age and live was full of hell for us then.

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