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Rivers NAWOJ Seeks Adequate Provisions, Protection For Children, RSG For Efforts In State Rehabilitation Center

by Anita Ogona


Aware of the numerous problems children face especially with the current harsh economy of our nation, the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Rivers State has stressed the need to protect the lives of children while investing in their future.

The association’ said this during this year’s commemoration of “The Universal Children’s Day” that has “investing in our children means investing in our future ” as it’s theme.

Describing it as a time to improve the welfare for all children, NAWOJ is using this special day to call on government at all levels to ensure that every child is given the means requisite for its normal development, both materially and spiritually while cautioning parents against reproducing the number of children they cannot properly care for but give them out at their tender ages as house helps there by exposing them to all forms of abuse.

NAWOJ appreciates the fact that to invest in our nation requires that the child that is hungry is fed, the child that is sick nursed, the child that is backward helped, the delinquent child reclaimed, and the orphan and the waif sheltered and succored and commends the Executive Governor of Rivers State, Bar. Nyesom Wike for ensuring that the Rehabilitation Center at Iriebe is operating at optimum capacity.

NAWOJ recalls that during the Commissioning of the Rehabilitation Center Gov. Wike magnanimously doled out #250m to the Ministry of Social Welfare just to ensure regular power supply and smooth running of the facility, a gesture NAWOJ appreciates so much as it translates to giving the children a sense of belonging.

The association also stressed the need to save the lives of new born babies in maternity homes and hospitals and called on Power Holding Electricity Companies to as a matter of necessity ensure regular power supply to these facilities regretting the death of premature children in the Intensive Care Unit of OPM Free Hospital at Aluu axis of Rivers State as a result of power outage.

Universal Children’s Day celebrated annually on the 20th of November is not just a day to celebrate children for who they are, but to bring awareness to children that have experienced violence in forms of abuse, exploitation, and discrimination.

Susan Serekara-Nwikhana
Chairman Rivers State NAWOJ 20th November 2021.

Dr. Ngozi Anosike
Secretary, Rivers State NAWOJ.

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