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Chairmanship Tussle: Crisis Rocks Adamawa State National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwifery

by Anita Ogona

Adamawa State Chapter of National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwifery (NANNM) this medium gathered embroiled in leadership dispute over the chairmanship position relinquished by Lami Aminu.

The Chairman of the Committee of Chairmen and Secretaries of the Adamawa state chapter of NANNM Comrade Bako Johnson has confirmed that there was an uproar by members during an emergency meeting on the 10th November at the Secretariat of the Union in Yola.

Johnson told newsmen that the uproar went dirty when Mrs. Lami Aminu staged a workout on the Congress members who wanted a more elaborate explanation, clarity, and authenticity of notice of state by-election for the position of State Chairman as they observed a belated letterhead paper was used and signed by A. T Shettima.

Bako said the inconsistency of the two letters headed papers written by Lami thus: ” Notice of state by-election for the position of state Chairman and Re: One month notice for relinquishing the position/post of the chairman, NANNM Adamawa state both dated 27th October”, 2021 resulted to reactions and counter-reactions of suspecting a foul play to scheme her way to conduct the bye-election herself despite the relinquishing letter she tendered.

Johnson revealed that Lami’s actions resulted in temper rising high and members raising eyes brows to each other made her furious to the extent of high jacking the collar of one of the unit Chairman and damned the consequences of her status.

According to him, they want the National President of NANNM in Abuja at the union national headquarters to address the Adamawa union issues is going unresolvable because of Aminu’s actions and inactions.

He said based on the Constitution and guidelines of how the union should run, the Adamawa State Executive Committee (SEC) is not wrong to have observed a Constitutional breach being the fact that Lami is no longer has any power to preside over union matters because she has tendered her resignation letter.

He blamed the Provost for not following up the administrative protocol to channel her letter that she suppose to write to the state executive council before the letter will be transmitted at the National headquarters.

Is worried that the unfortunate plan by Aminu who is trying to conduct the bye-election despite her resignation is something at war with the Union’s constitutional provisions.

“This Singular action and demand from the SEC in session prompted an unwarranted and unnecessary reaction from the leader (Lami) of her pedigree by staging a furious and vicious walk out on SEC in session where she grasped one of the branch Chairman (Hassan Kadala) who was among the people that were trying to persuade her to stay and resolve the issues amicably. Nevertheless, an attempt to persuade her could not yield any positive result which led to her eventually leaving the venue.” Johnson said

“You would recall that a panel committee and investigation was set up to find out the root cause and coming out with suggestions over divergence issues, complains in the Adamawa State College of Nursing and Midwifery where Lami is the Provost and the same time NANNM Chairman.

“One of the committee’s recommendations was for her to relinquish her Chairmanship position of NANNM so she can concentrate on her provost work of the college this is how the crux of the matter and Union imbroglio started.” Johnson further said

Bako, however, said despite the hullabaloo normalcy was returned and a five Man committee was nominated by SEC in session and is the chairman of the committee.

Other members of the committee he said are: Benjamin Emmanuel, (Secretary) Sarah Simon (Secretary), Verenwonson R. Bila (Secretary), and Adamu Usman Galadima (Auditor) with the mandate to interface and seek clarification from the National headquarters of the trending imbroglio.

The committee is mandated to seek the Constitutional interpretation of how a letter of resignation should be channeled, to find out either is constitutionally wise for any relinquished official at the state or unit level is logical to preside over union matters, to know if there is a constitutional back up for any officer who is resigned to supervise an election to replace his/her office and many more germane issues they raised.

On contrary submissions, however, the Public Relations officer of the Adamawa NANNM Union, Magaji Mani said the Letter from the National headquarters of the union before him does not reveal to him that Lami Aminu resigned from her position as the Adamawa State Union Chairman of NANNM.

According to him, there is no document to prove that Lami resigned and all the documents before him suggest that she is to hand over to the next elected Chairman whose election will be conducted by the National officials of the union, contrary to the thinking of comrade Johnson and other union members are trying to portray.

He said NANNM’s constitution does not permit Lami to conduct any election as officials from the National office are coming down to Adamawa to conduct the election on a scheduled date.

He refuted there was no anywhere Lami hijack any unit chairman, but admitted there was a war of words that was ensued among union members, which according to him is normal as far as Unionism is concerned.

By Tom Garba, Yola

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