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Ballon d’Or Unknown Award? Was Robert Lewandowski Robbed Or Compensated ?

by Anita Ogona

Was it guilty conscience that made them to create best striker award.? Did  this award just placed Lewandowski where he belongs? as best striker. Not best player/ yet they didn’t create best midfielder or best defender award. Corruption wey pass Nigerian government. This thing is a vote, yet Nigerians who have the most flawed voting system are on cry me a river party Lewandoski had said he is sure to win ballon d’or if no politics were played. Last last the politics was played

111 goals in two years, and still no Ballon d’Or for Robert Lewandowski
Lionel Messi thinks he should have one: “Lewy, you deserve your Ballon d’Or. Last year, everyone was in agreement in saying you were the big winner.” Last year would have been his year but COVID couldn’t allow the ceremony to take place. As for this year Messi merited it.

And so it is official, Lionel Andrés Messi wins his historical 7th Ballon d’Or!
An achievement that will never be reached again. An achievement that suits only the greatest football player in the history of the sport! Seventh BALLON d’ Or for the Deadliest footballer on the planet.
Any other person is a learner.
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Robert Lewandowski deserve the award in 2020 but it was cancelled because of the Coronavirus.
I think that’s a compensation. Lionel Messi deserve this year award.

They gave him that because of last year’s award, not because he didn’t win this year.
Messi had a similar year to Lewandoski in terms of goal contribution and trophies last in 2018 but finished 5th

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