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I Won’t Run Election Just To Answer Former Presidential Candidate, Is That A CV?-Gov. Wike

by Anita Ogona
Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has said he will ensure that PDP wins the 2023 governorship election, but that he will not impose any candidate on the party ‘There is no right-thinking Rivers person who will say Wike’s administration has not done well for Rivers State. And so, I believe everybody will want somebody who has something positive to add.”
Speaking on African Independent Television, AIT, on Thursday, Governor Wike also said the process to determine who PDP will field as its presidential candidate will be a turbulent one. Our own turbulence in PDP is the normal turbulence, which I believe we will get through it, but APC turbulence is a turbulence that is likely to lead to a crash.
Let nobody come and tell you that in arriving at a presidential candidate that it will be easy. No way, it can never be. You know, there are two types of turbulences. There is turbulence that will not have a crash, which is a normal turbulence. There are turbulences that there is likely to be a crash.“One mistake I will not make is to impose somebody. From my experience as a student of history, reality has shown that it is difficult for you to say Joseph is the man I can trust. Until you give somebody power and money, that is only when you will know whether that person is trustworthy or not.”

Governor Wike said God that won’t allow someone that will destroy all the remarkable progress the State has made over the years to be the next governor. According to him, God will ensure that it is only someone who is courageous, firm and ready to protect the interest of Rivers State that will succeed him. “Rivers state is a state that so many people have interest. It is a state that you have to put your feet on the ground. It is a state that you have to annoy a lot of Nigerians, and a lot of Nigerians will hate you. But what is important is for you to know what is good for your people, and stand for your people. Do not allow personal interest to sway you against the interest of your people.”

So I won’t Run Election Just To Answer Former Presidential Candidate. Is That A CV? Even if it is a CV, I don’t want it.
Some of those saying they want to run election in PDP are agents of APC. I can’t support such persons. ~ Governor Nyesom Wike

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