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Linda Ikeji Mocks Lawyer To Prepare For Appeal And Countersue As Court Slams Her With 25Million Libel Compensation

by Anita Ogona

An article cited “Mrs. Ajibola Ajayi as having described protesting students of the
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, as a “generation of mannerless children” in an Instagram post with the username “conceited_csj”.

The Law Firm, Olaniwun Ajayi LP ,  came on Twitter to celebrate its win and Linda Ikeji came to the comment section to threaten that she is suing the law firm and appealing the case.

Read their words below:

In the judgment delivered on 12.04.2022, the Court held that the publication by Ms. Ikeji was false and malicious and that the evidence before the Court showed that the Defendant knew that the Instagram account with the username “conceited_csj” did not belong to the Claimant.

The Court further held that the publication was made available to readers worldwide which exposed the Claimant to ridicule by members of the public who read the offending article.

In reiterating the trite principle of law that libel is actionable per se, the Court awarded general and exemplary damages in the sum of N25,000,000.00 (Twenty-Five Million Naira) against Ms. Linda Ikeji and directed Ms. Ikeji to publish a written apology to the Claimant…


…in three National tabloids.
The Claimant was represented in the action by our Ogunmuyiwa Balogun; and it is our belief that with Judgments like this, media outfits and members of the public will verify sources of their information ahead of publication.

Linda Ikeji

Replying to
Lol. You’re such an idiot lawyer. I hear you’re an inexperienced 26 year old? How can you file in Lagos and Abuja on the same issue? And then you don’t even inform me? Hope you’re ready for appeal and supreme court? And a countersue? Tell your client to get ready! 🤣🤣🤣


It is better for you to apologize to the law firm openly and delete your tweet. Get a seasoned lawyer to help you out. Look for the meaning of “GARNiSHEE PROCEEDING”

Linda Ikeji

Apologize ke? 🤣🤣🤣 the people I’m dragging to court. I hope they will be tweeting then Using my name to get clients. I’m reporting this firm. Get ready Also if you’re using my name to catch clout like this on social media, gloating and happy… does this mean I’m the biggest client your firm has ever sued and won against? Or is this how you announce all your victories? I should sue you for using my name like this



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