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APC House Of Rep Aspirant Henry Odili In Assault Scandal: Women Group Issues 7 Days Ultimatum, To Apologize To Egi Princess

by Anita Ogona

A group women under the Aegis Of Concerned Rivers Women Assembly have issued seven days Ultimatum to An Aspirant Under the Rivers State Branch of All Progressive Congress, Barrister Henry Odili To Tender Unreserve Public Apology for Allegedly slapping , Assaulting One Isioma Stella Elenwa, A Crowned Egi Princess

The convener of Concerned Rivers Women Assembly Glory Sunday  Nwaokwukwe At a press conference in port Harcourt called on The House of Reps Aspirant Barr Henry Odili to immediately tender a public apology  for assaulting’s a woman or they would mobilize the entire women of Rivers State to protest against his actions at a stakeholders forum on the 3rd of MAY 2022

She said the group which is made up various women Leaders across the 23 local Government in the sate is worried over the spate of Assault on women seeking political offices, She said ”the Welfare of women is our concerned, they should stop beating Us”  We condemn any attack on women Emotional, Physical. sexual  even verbal attack on any women” We need a space to excel also in our chosen careers without been abused or assaulted by the Men who are suppose to protect us, Soo we are giving him seven days to apologize to PRINCESS ISIOMA ELENWA

Also speaking at the briefing the secretary Concerned Rivers Women Assembly Pretty Roberts Enoh, Decried the rate at which uncultured men lifts their hands to beat a woman whom the Bible admonished to nurture, She asked Can Barr Henry Odili slap his wife? why then slapping another man’s Wife? We will no longer take this barbaric acts from any man  She retorted

For Her part the Group Treasurer NGOZI WILLIAMS who is also from Egi, said The person he assaulted is a Princess From Egi town, we are not asking for so much, but if he fails to do the simply public apology, we will petition him to his party APC National, and demand that they withdraw him from participating their screening exercise

When contacted on the phone and asked to narrate what exactly happened She said
“My name is Princess Isioma Stella Elenwa ( The Princess of Egi) a faithful and loyal party woman. on the 3rd of May. Barrister Henry Odili in a stakeholder’s meeting at Hon. Asita’s house.
In the presence of Hon. Asita,  the Orashi leader, Prof. J C Imegi the Onelga leader, Dr. Christian Ogbowu the Onelga LGA Chairman and every other leader there present, gave me a blow to the face in public.
He bruised my face, left me with a swollen face and a broken frame and lenses (my glasses).
The incident happened when Hon. Singer was making a statement in the stakeholder’s meeting, suddenly the said Hon. Singer fell to the ground in a stupor. Some persons rushed to him and tried to resuscitate him, while the rest including me starting praying…Barrister Henry Odili left where he was standing and rushed at me and said my prayers were evil and gave me a blow that incapacitated me. Right now, as I write, I am in severe pain. So excruciating.
Attached are the current state of my situation right now.No description available.
When contacted on the Telephone, The Accused House Of Representative aspirant Barr Henry Odili told Our correspondent that he is Innocent of the accusation leveled against him, He Told correspondent Anita Ogona that he was presently out of Town (port Harcourt). He said this is Politically motivated and a calculated attempt to demonize him and misinform the public about his person

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