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 63 Days In Captivity: Farah Dagogo Expresses Gratitude To All Those Who Stood For The Consolidation Of Democracy
July 4, 2022

63 Days In Captivity: Farah Dagogo Expresses Gratitude To All Those Who Stood For The Consolidation Of Democracy


After spending 63 days in captivity over barefaced lies, I want to salute the courage and resilience of the gamut of persons, institutions and groups that stood for an innocent man. I want to profusely and profoundly and with all sense of utmost humility, thank the galaxy of men and women, old and young, Civil Society Organisations, the noble bearers of the Fourth Estate of the Realm, Student bodies, members of the medical practitioners, my esteemed colleagues in the National Assembly, friends, associates, followers, people of my constituents, veracious minds of the New Media, the Ijaw National Congress, (INC), the Ijaw Youth Congress, (IYC), the Diaspora Bodies, prominent sons and daughters of the Niger Delta region, international bodies, various socio – political groups, the Clergies, my staff and and so many more that stood up for truth and fairness. The list is simply endless and inexhaustible. My apologies for any omissions.

Succinctly put, you acts of valor are in conformity with the spirit and ideas of one of the greatest of all French writers Voltaire, the Pseudonym used by Francois Marie Arouet, who vigorously as far back as the 17th Century propagated the need to safeguard innocent persons from the claws of tyrannical leaders, who are averse to contrary opinions, especially those that are at variance with their self serving pursuits. That gave birth to the now evergreen Voltaire’s quote: ” IT IS BETTER TO RISK SAVING A GUILTY MAN THAN TO CONDEMN AN INNOCENT ONE. ”

The depth of my appreciation know no bounds and also extends to my legal team and other members of the revered legal profession that stood-up and fought for a just cause.

Specially, l further broaden my gratitude to my dear mother, my adorable wife, my kids, as well as other family members for their unwavering support. You all are my pillars that have remained strong like the Rock of Gibraltar.

The task of saying thank you to these multitude of persons, groups, organizations and a whole lot, who stood on the path of truth and social justice as well as demanded for my freedom, seems easy on the face of it, but in reality, very difficult because the ‘thank you’ does not really capture my depth of appreciation. I want to take solace from the belief that you were emboldened and spurred by the words of our sage and country’s first President, Nnamdi Azikiwe who said : “WITHOUT RESPECT FOR THE RULE OF LAW PERMEATING OUR POLITICAL LIFE, NIGERIA WOULD DEGENERATE INTO A DICTATORSHIP WITH ITS TWIN RELATIVES OF TYRANNY AND DESPOTISM”.

Rhetorically, l still ask the question, ” how do I thank you all for including my unjust incarceration in your daily activities, thus affecting your other important engagements? Indeed, it was a most trying moment, but your actions in all are also in tandem with the great former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, who said : FOR TO BE FREE IS NOT MERELY TO CAST OFF ONE’S CHAINS BUT TO LIVE IN A WAY THAT RESPECTS AND ENHANCES THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS ”

Your strong actions and solidarity equally reminds me of the great words of Baron de Montesquieu when he said : “THERE IS NO CRUELER TYRANNY THAN THAT WHICH IS PERPETUATED UNDER THE SHIELD OF LAW AND IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE”.
Together, we made that statement very loud.

Again, I say thank you to you all and bravo to the triumph of democracy. As read in our Bible, Ephesians 4:31-32; “LET ALL BITTERNESS AND WRATH AND ANGER AND CLAMOUR AND SLANDER BE PUT AWAY FROM YOU, ALONG WITH ALL MALICE. BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER, TENDER HEARTED, FORGIVING ONE ANOTHER, AS GOD IN CHRIST FORGAVE YOU, ” I have forgiven all transgressions and injustice against me and moved on.

Finally, l have decided to save the best as the last. l deeply thank God Almighty for His providence , protection, and wisdom granted me, while the travails ensued and lasted. We shall continue to come in praise and Thanksgiving to You for our victory over the evil powers of darkness, who have abjured our true God’s supremacy. Their despotic aim of wanting power is to use it to enslave and oppress the innocent.

Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo
Member, House of Representatives,
Representing Degema/ Bonny Federal Constituency and Governorship Aspirant, 2023 Governorship Election, Rivers State.


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