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 Air Passengers Groans As Nigerian Local Airline Tickets Hit N150K, International Flights @ 2.1Million
July 30, 2022

Air Passengers Groans As Nigerian Local Airline Tickets Hit N150K, International Flights @ 2.1Million

it is no longer news that Nigerians travelling by air will cough out, between 150 thousand Naira to 170 Thousand naira to afford forty minutes return ticket. as cost of flights within and outside the country have left air traveler embarking on summer Holidays 2022 lamenting and groaning.

Reports revealed that the economy class domestic tickets from Lagos to Abuja via Arik Air, United Nigeria and Air Peace now surged to over N150,000 with other airlines reportedly following the same trend.

Saturday Vanguard also  reports that -International travels traffic from Nigeria has been hit with a major blow, as foreign exchange, blocked foreign airlines funds, amongst others have pushed the price of airfare tickets to 282 per cent in one year.

This development has impacted summer travels negatively following the dynamics in the nation’s economy as passengers pay between N2.1 million to N2.3 million for a round trip outside Nigeria on economy ticket,

Also, a round trip on an economy class ticket from Nigeria to London Heathrow Airport, which is less than 2, 000 pounds, is now 3,000 pounds and above. A round trip from Lagos to Johannesburg, South Africa, now sells for N500,000.

A breakdown of the charges that make up the total cost of an air ticket using the United States as a case study, includes Airfare, which varies, U.S. transportation tax, $38.20, September 11th security fee, $5.60, international surcharge, $400.00, U.S. APHIS user fee, $3.96, U.S. Customs user fee, $5.99, U.S. Immigration user fee, $7.00, Nigeria airport service charge, $100.00, Nigeria security charge, $20, U.S. passenger facility charge, $4.5. ”

At the domestic wing of the Lagos airport last Tuesday, many travelers interviewed by journalists lamented the sharp increase in airfares.

Some of the travelers who spoke angrily said, “This is not the time to ask for my name, the federal government and all those concerned should do the needful, why does the average Nigerian have to suffer? I mean, we are a fuel-producing nation, why are we suffering?

“Everybody is just doing as they like, how can you say Lagos to Abuja is N154,000, am I plucking money from the tree? The roads are not safe, so travel by road and get kidnapped. Those that were kidnapped on the train how many months ago are still in captivity. Which account will I write this expense?”No description available.

Another traveler who identified her name simply as Miss Nike noted that she had to make the trip as she was going on business said, “The Nigerian travelling populace is made up of mostly business people, should we now spend all our earnings on air transport? I can’t even begin to explain how this makes me feel.”

we gathered that the increasing hike in the price of aviation fuel (Jet A1) and its scarcity is a major factor to the disturbing airfare hike

as a  litre of Jet A1 which initially cost N400 now sells for over N800 to 1000 per litre.

The airlines have also complained about difficulties in getting forex. Despite a significant increase in domestic air passenger traffic in 2019 by almost 30 percent, there is still a huge gap in travel demand by Nigerians.

According to the figures released by the Consumer Protection Directorate of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, roughly 15 million air travelers both domestic and international went through the airports in 2018.

Earlier, Airline Operators of Nigeria notified passengers of air transport services that the sector has been hit by a major crisis of acute scarcity ofJet A1, hence warned that there may be possible flight cancellations and hike in airfares.

a stressed air passenger who responded to journalists, Jessica Joseph said, “This just means things are getting out of hand, because how do you explain this? Who do we hold responsible now? Our leaders, the cause of all this have money to fly around as they like, their jets are fully powered on taxpayers’ money yet it is the tax payer that is suffering, imagine, what if I now want to fly out of Nigeria, na to rob bank, abi?”


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