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 “Bad Character No Dey Hide” Faces Of Disqualified BBNaija Housemates
August 8, 2022

“Bad Character No Dey Hide” Faces Of Disqualified BBNaija Housemates

Disqualified housemates are forced to leave the programme through the back door and are prohibited from giving interviews or conversing with the live audience. Any money or other prizes that disqualified BBNaija housemates have won as a result of their participation in the house tasks will also not be given to them.

Every BBNaija applicant dreams of being chosen for the reality show because it brings with it immediate fame, even if a housemate is the first to be booted off the programme.
That demonstrates how well-liked the Big Brother reality TV programme is. Following their selection and induction, Housemates become familiar with a set of house rules that they must follow throughout the duration of their stay. But laws can be easily broken by careless roommates because they are brittle.
Fortunately, breaking just one rule in the Big Brother house usually doesn’t result in an immediate expulsion. Every time a rule is broken, a housemate receives a strike. However, if the rule is too minor, the offender may only receive a Big Brother warning. However, each housemate is only allowed to endure two strikes during their stay in the house, a third strike results in immediate elimination from the competition.

The list of housemates who have so far been eliminated from the BBNaija reality TV series is as follows:

1. BBNaija Kemen: After being eliminated from Big Brother in 2017, former housemate Kemen opened the door to disqualifications in later seasons. Kemen, a Porthacourt-based fitness entrepreneur, was eliminated from the BBNaija Season 2 reality TV competition “See Gobe” on Sunday, March 5, 2017, for inappropriately touching Tboss while she was dozing. BBNaija Kemen, whose real name is Ekemini Ekerette, has insisted that the incident did not occur as it was portrayed on television in a number of interviews..

2 &3.BBNaija Khloe Khloe and K-Brule, known as “Double Wahala,” were kicked out of the BBNaija Season 3 reality TV show together in 2018. In that particular Big Brother season, the housemates were divided into two-person teams. Khloe and K-Brule, who were a team, were eliminated after receiving their third warning for improper conduct.
When K. Brule became inebriated and jumped from the first floor of the BBNaija house, the pair received their first blow. Another blow came when Khloe referred to K-mother Brule’s as a whore on live television. Leo informed Khloe about K-attempt Brule’s to kiss his housemate Leo, which is thought to be how the argument got started.

K-Brule was then confronted by Khloe, the head of the house, who also called her mother a whore. Khloe was almost struck by K-Brule as he made threats to hurt her physically, but other housemates stopped him. The two were given their third strike for the altercation and kicked out of the performance.

4. BBNaija Tacha: Tacha was a strong contender on the BBNaija Season 4 reality TV show “Pepper Dem” before she was eliminated, so it stands to reason that her disqualification from the competition attracted the most attention.
In 2019, Tacha was eliminated from the competition due to her infamous altercation with co-housemate and rival Mercy Eke. Tacha was declared ineligible following their fight, and Mercy received two strikes. Tacha was found guilty of physical violence and harmed intent after pushing, shoving, and pulling Mercy’s hair. She was also disqualified.

5. BBNaija Erica On Sunday, September 6, 2020, Erica, who had already received two strikes and a “final warning” from Big Brother, was eliminated from the BBNaija Lockdown competition.The offences committed by Erica that resulted in her disqualification include refusing to allow the deputy head of house (Prince) access to the head of house lounge, pouring water on the lounge’s bed, trying to speak with the camera crew while peering through windows, and bullying fellow inhabitant Laycon.

6. BBNaija Beauty: Beauty Tukura, a housemate on Naija Levelup, is the newest member of the group of contestants who have been eliminated from the reality TV programme.
Beauty was eliminated after arguing with Groovy in the house about rumours that he had danced with Chomzy.
Less than an hour before Sunday’s live eviction show, she received a double strike, which resulted in her disqualification.

Source: Sojiworld

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