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 Calculating The Business Sense Of Gov Ikpeazu Osisioma Flyover Without Motorable Connecting Road From PHC
August 5, 2022

Calculating The Business Sense Of Gov Ikpeazu Osisioma Flyover Without Motorable Connecting Road From PHC

This is The Famous Aba – Port Harcourt Road, Before you Jump Out Of Your Shield please Read Till The End.
Do you know That From Aba Osisioma – Oyigbo Rivers State is 50 Kilometers – (30.5miles)
Do you Know That This Road is Not Motorable As It Stands Now for 8 Years Even Heavy Vehicles Somersault On The road & with Loss of Goods Worth Millions Of Dollars.
Do You Also Know That Aba in Abia State is a State With Very Productive Individuals, In Manufacturing, Marketing and Businesses Which made People From Port Harcourt Always Patronize Their Goods but guess what, it has reduced drastically.
Do You Also Know That Goods Worth More Than $2m Is Moved To and Fro On this Road Daily As Of 8 years ago, But Do You also Know That The Road Barely See Goods Worth $10k Daily?
Whose To be Blamed? FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of Buhari APC? God Won’t Forgive Me If I Blame APC… But He Will Forgive Me If I Say The Truth Even Though The Person Ruling Happens To come From the Same LGA as Mine.
Let me shock you, Do You Know That The Spoilt Portion Of The Road if being repaired From Osisioma – Oyibo Rivers State is Barely 3 Kilometers (1.86miles), Do You also know That It Cost Less N230MILLION ($330k) to Construct per KM of a Solid Road & It’ll Take N690m ($990k) Less Than a Million Dollar to Repair the 3km Spoilt Part Of the Road.
Do you Also Know That Abia IGR alone In The Past 7 Years is N750bn+.
Do you Also Know That From Oyibo To Eleme Had Similar Road Problem But The Other Governor Deep hands into The Purse Of The State and Repaired the 12.6km Portion Of The Rivers State Part without waiting for APC Buhari Government , So What would Be Your excuse now? That it’s a federal road i guess.
How Can a Man be so wicked to his own brother and expect others to associate with him? I see a lot of you trying to drag Ikwerre & Igbo lineage you forgot that people don’t hate anyone they just love development, I wonder how you expect an Ikwerre man to accept that he’s Igbo when the Igbo is not well taken care of by people whose ruling it, as if you will accept a woman that doesn’t bath as your wife or a dirty mad man as your husband. Most of you all come online everyday to defend rubbish I just dey look una..
Goods worth more than $700million Pass through This Road Yearly to Benefit both Rivers state & Abia State Traders, yet the Governor act as though Federal Government will do magic for him.
If you can’t love your people first, don’t expect others to love you, i believe that if the collective Igbo voice has risen to tackle the governor of Abia State he would have repaired this 3km road with less than a million dollar.
You might not know my frustration & other people’s experience on this road but do you know that this Road damaged the engine of my first car, dirty water from the road Penetrate into the Engine & Everything became flat, how many more people has it happen to?..
The Wickedness & selfishness we breed within ourselves & blame outsiders will one day turn & hunt us.
No one asked him to Reconstruct the 50km all by himself which we know it’s an impossible Game till eternity, but he can fix 3km to help his peoples business, private cars and also make more money flow into his state, they went to backdoor and acquire PhD to Deceive people who don’t understand that Education is Different from Degree.
Weldon.- By Smart Akukoma
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