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 Call By FFK To Suspend Ayu, Arrest Dino Over Alleged Bribery At PDP Convention- Social Media Awash With FFK & Dino Dirty Fights
September 6, 2022

Call By FFK To Suspend Ayu, Arrest Dino Over Alleged Bribery At PDP Convention- Social Media Awash With FFK & Dino Dirty Fights


Gosh I must have really touched a nerve when I raised issues about Dino Melaye’s confession of large scale bribery at the PDP Convention and the “election” of Ayu.

Melaye has been crying and wetting his pants ever since.

Poor thing.

He attempted to respond but only with insults and a long diatribe of wild allegations and subjective invectives.

Little made sense and plenty made for amusement. I was very well entertained and that is all this l*w-life and godl*ss, ign*rant cret*n is good for: light entertainment.

Is that what you call a spokesman for a presidential campaign?

I don’t have time for clowns, f*lthy peasants and desperate cowa*ds but I couldn’t help but notice the anger in his response. He was crying like a baby. And it gave me pleasure.

I may have been accused of many things but unlike him attempted murder is not one of them. No blood on my hands.

Apparantly it is not only the National Chairman of PDP that is from the gu*ter.

The spokesman for their PCO is too.

He is il-br*d and ma*nerless.

Probably a product of in-br*eding and it has affected his mind. That is why he looks like the mi*sing link: half ape, half man.

What else can one say about a man that wept like a baby, sha*t in his pants and hid in the toilet for days when police came to arrest him.

What can one say about a man who, when the police chased him with a car, ran into the bush, climbed a tree and hid in it like the little m*nkey that he is.

What can one say about a man who risked his life and jumped out of a moving police car when he was being taken to his state to answer criminal charges by the police.

Such cowardice has never been seen in the annals of our history.

What can one say about a par*site of a man that licked the arse of Nasir El Rufai for years, then moved to Bukola Saraki’s, then moved to Yahaya Bello’s, then moved to Nyesom Wike’s and then finally moved to Atiku’s and licked far more than just ar*e.

All those gentlemen dumped you after they recognized you for the ill-br*d ignor*mus, sham*less hustl*r, infan*ile prankster, jobless bul*y and desperate cou*t jest*r that you are and be rest assured that after your master Atiku has been roundly defeated at the polls next year and has finished having his fill of you, he will dump you too.

Then you will have to look for yet another ar*e to lick and it may not be a very clean one.

Yet what can one say about a man that just loves to li*k other men’s ars*s?

Truth is there are simply no more clean ars*s left for him to li*k in Nigeria because he has lic*ed them all.

After Atiku dumps him he will have to be satisfied with and manage the dirty ones which is his natural habitat.

I wonder if it is true that he is a certified coprophil*ac who just loves sh*t.

Again what can one say about a man that
keeps cars in his bedroom and sitting room or that fights in the House of Reps until his clothes are torn off, he is stripped naked and thrown out by guards.

What can one say about a man that hid under his bunk when police laid siege to his house and that stayed there for days until they cut off power and water and he ran out of food?

What can one say about a man who threatened to beat, rape and impregnate another man’s wife on the Senate floor simply because they disagreed politically.

He forgets that I knew him from his younger days when he claimed to be an activist and a student unionist, when he used to beg for brown envelopes in return for tricks and when he lived off crumbs from the table of others in return for little favors.

He was nothing more than a tout then and nothing has changed. Fat, ugly, balding, obese man, even at a relatively young age.

Enough for now. I will say more about this gu*ter snipe and mannerless, ill-br*d pe*sant later.

This campaign has only just started. We have plenty of time and we shall meet in the field.

Now please continue to wash your party’s dirty linen in public and tell your leaders to keep insulting one another whilst we watch with pleasure.

And instead of indulging in long diatribes about FFK and what you think of him ADDRESS THE ISSUES HE RAISED!

That is what spokesmen are meant to do.

Tell us why your National Chairman and presidential candidate should not be disqualified for violating the provisions of the Electoral Act given your confession and why they should not be prosecuted for corruption.

Lastly please stop behaving like a coward and w*eing and defecating in your pants whenever trouble comes your way.

Not only does it make you stink to high heavens but it also proves that you are the f*ithless and g*dless c*ward and p*asant that you are.

Outside of this I have no time for you: at least not for now.

Readers please take note.

I raised issues in my initial post about this big cl*wn and this in*ane and un*table jok*r but he chose to respond with nothing but insults.

I chose to respond accordingly here lest he believes that he can get away with anything.

I was gentle today. I may not be be so gentle next time.



My attention has just been called to a statement issued by Femi Fani Kayode, which as usual, was an incoherent gibberish produced from his temporary relief from insanity. How can one explain his momentary consciousness to react to an interview long granted, if not that his world of reality is not in sync with the world of sound minds. His comment best was at best a mixture of prevarication, lack of comprehension and a voyage in meddlesomeness and idleness. Truly, an idle hand and heart like that of FFK is the devil’s residence. Ordinarily, his rambling would have been ignored, but in this age of unrestricted access to the media even by unwholesome minds, care must be taken to put issues in the right context and perspective.

The roller-coaster FFK is merely seeking to receive attention, having employed all forms of ingratiation to be recruited by the Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), His Excellency Atiku Abubakar, but failed. To be sure, he contacted Timi Frank to help lobby for a job in the Campaign Directorate, but where is the record to help his desire? As a serial hustler around food dispensers, FFK’s misadventure into the issue of the leadership of the PDP is nothing but a subtle campaign to be noticed and rewarded by prospective paymasters.

Nigerians can not forget in a hurry how FFK bootlicked and cajoled Yahaya Bello during his Presidential experiment, but later jumped to the Presidential train of Senator Ahmed Lawan in the throes of the Presidential primary election of the All Progressives Congress in an unabashed and unconscionable manner. Now that campaign structures have been formed by Parties and he’s sidelined, having lost face everywhere, he has found the PDP as the access card to his next meal.

The reality is that Professor Iyorchia Ayu, a man of repute and impeccable political profile was supported by Governors and members of the Party. It is not rocket science that though Professor Ayu emerged by consensus, a convention was held and delegates were mobilized to Abuja. Is FFK so obtuse that he can not understand that delegates could not have trekked from everywhere to Abuja without being transported? Has he not recovered well enough from the doses administered during his rehabilitation to understand that Governors and other leaders supported delegates from all states to the National Convention? Is he equating the sound mind of Judges with his own reprobate mind that he’s threatening to go to court over a matter that he has neither locus nor a reasonable cause?

Often when the issue of FFK comes up, I easily call to mind the time-standing analysis by President Olusegun Obasanjo of his personality, and the assertion that food is FFK’s price. His likes are appropriately described in Philippians 3:19, as belonging to the class of those ‘ whose god is their belly, and whose glory is their shame’. Sorry, PDP has no food for the lazy!

And knowing FFK’s reputation for political scavenging, let me also ask him the unanswered question. FFK, who bankrolled your statement?

Senator Dino Melaye
Spokesperson PDP, Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign 2023.

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