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 Dear LADIES: 19 Ways On How To Assess A Man Before Accepting To Date Or Marry
July 30, 2022

Dear LADIES: 19 Ways On How To Assess A Man Before Accepting To Date Or Marry

Dear Ladies even before you pray about him, isolate your feelings and do a safe assessment to be sure you are not lifting the wrong man in prayer.

💜 Carry out the following assessment test on him during the friendship stage of getting to know each other.

💜 Keep it in front of the back of your mind.

💜 Ensure that you don’t make up excuses to cover up for the lack of these qualities in him, these non-negotiable standards of a ready husband.

1. Is he a believer based on the Faith (Christianity, Islam, Traditionalist, Atheist, etc) are willing to tolerate?

2. Loves his God or has Fear of this God? Loves you?

3. Does he have a relationship with this God he serves as far as you have observed?

4. Is he teachable?

5. Does he have significant figures in his life that he honors and regards?

5. Have regard for your family and have accepted your parents?

6. Does he have Faithfulness, goodness, joy, self-control, gentleness, peace, kindness, patience? If not all but to a good extent?

7. Is he hardworking? Does he have future plans and goals?

8. Is he financially comfortable? If not yet but is he productive?

9. Does he take care of you in his own little capacity?

10. Does he pursue communication?

11. Does he regard your opinion? Does he even ask for your ideas and inputs?

12. Is he a giver?

13. What’s his relationship with other significant friendships in his life?

14. How rich are his friends circle or block of influence?

15. Does he have an authority over those that he respects? His parents don’t count as they are his natural guardians.

16. Are there addictions he is dealing with or irregular character issues that you cannot subscribe to?

17. Is he interested in your own happiness and helping you chase your own goals?

18. Does your long term plan fit into his or even slightly relative?

19.Lastly, does he have common sense?

These are some very important questions to ask yourself and confirm within the confines of your friendship before you get on that ship.

Always remember, the correct answers to these questions are not yes or no, they are answered through his actions

by Blessed Chadli

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