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 Don’t Join ASUU/NLC Protest, Head Of Services Threatens To Deal With Civil Servants Who Disobeys In Rivers State
July 5, 2022

Don’t Join ASUU/NLC Protest, Head Of Services Threatens To Deal With Civil Servants Who Disobeys In Rivers State

The rivers state government has asked civil servants in the state not to participate in the Nigeria Labour congress NLC solidarity strike action for Academic staff union of universities ASUU billed for Wednesday 6th of July 2022.

Speaking to the civil servants at the Rivers state workers secretariat the Head of Services Rufus Godwin says Rivers State Government is not owing her workers and wondered why the national body would want to drag the state Workers into ASUU Crisis.

He said the Government has held extensive meeting with permanent secretaries in the Ministries and that anyone who absents him or herself from work on Wednesday will face sanctions

” Infact our state university has ended their first semester and the second semester is about to end, so why should anybody organize our Universities here to join ASUU to protest to his own employer? If your Employer is not paying you and my own employer is paying me why should I join you to protest that your employer is not paying you? and that is the message we are sending across today. Please the Labour movement is regulated by law and there are whole set of rules, when you want to go on protest, you has to relate to the issue of employment and conditions of services. The rivers state government has no issues with its own universities concerning employment issues, conditions of services and terms of employment and that is why our universities are running. Now there is a conceited claims from Nigeria Labour Congress through its president to mobilize all the state workers to join in what they call ASUU Solidarity protest and the protest is scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday 6th of July 2022 and as a proactive workforce we decided to pass the message to our own civil servants, please don’t go and weep with someone who is bereaved and does not even know the cause of the death, you don’t know what has killed the person. the person is rolling on the ground and say he is going to kill himself and you join him to roll on the ground to kill yourself too, find out what killed that person. are you hearing me? in Nigeria local parlance we don’t join somebody to drink paracetamol, The ASUU has nothing to do with Rivers state employers, The Best universities are running and they are producing their graduates who are receiving their callup letters to go for national services corps, The Federal Government students are those who have problem, so don’t let anyone come here and beguile you and say come and join, All the permanent Secretaries are here because I met with them yesterday and briefed  them, they are going to take attendance of Staff, anybody who is absent from duty from tomorrow or the day after shall be presumed to have joined the protest, You don’t know what you have until you loose it, If you doubt me go and ask the dog”

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