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 List Of 23 Unknown Oil & Gas Company Trading In Nigeria Collecting Oil Subsidy From 2013- 2021- House Of Rep Investigation
July 29, 2022

List Of 23 Unknown Oil & Gas Company Trading In Nigeria Collecting Oil Subsidy From 2013- 2021- House Of Rep Investigation

The House of Representatives ad hoc committee set up to investigate petroleum products subsidy from 2013 to 2021 has disclosed that twenty-three of the oil and gas companies trading in Nigeria are “unknown”.

Chairman of the committee, Hon. Ibrahim Aliyu, made the disclosure at the resumption of the investigative hearing yesterday.

The twenty-three companies under probe by the committee are:

1. Emadeb Consortium;
2. Britania-U Nig. Limtted;
3. Totsa Total Ol Tradings SA;
4. Petroleum Trading Nigeria Limited;

5. Mocoh S.A;
6.Socer Worldwide;
7. MCalson Bermuda Ltd;
9. Litasco S.A;
10.Mercuria Energy;
11. Cepsa Lubricant;
12. Trafigura Pte;
13. Vitol S.A;
14. Ocanbed Trading Limited;
15. Bonno Energy;
16. West Africa Gas Limited;
17. Petrogas;
18. Matrix;
19. Masters Energy;
20. Amg;
21. Barbedos;
22. Hindustan, and,
23. Patermina.
The lower chamber of the National Assembly, it could be recalled, had set up the panel to investigate payments made by the Federal Government through the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited on Premium Motor Spirit (petrol) within eight years.

Speaking at the investigative hearing, Chairman of the committee said that the companies have serious questions to answer.

Aliyu stated that the committee would be forced to write to the embassies of the countries where the companies are based for information on them.

The lawmaker read part of a communication from the Corporate Affairs Commission, in response to the committee’s request for the profile of the companies.

The communication from the CAC, dated July 13, 2022, with Reference Number RGO/SU/VOL.5/2022/0248, signed by one Maimunat Hamu on behalf of the Registrar-General, read:

“Kindly refer to your letter Ref: NASS/QHR/AHC/PPSRIM1/1H/01/051 dated 1st July, 2022, on the subject matter above.

“Please be informed that we could not readily find information on the exact name of the following companies as provided in our record.

“Emadeb Consortium; Britania-U Nig. Limtted; Totsa Total Ol Tradings SA; Petroleum Trading Nigeria Limited; Mocoh S.A; Socer Worldwide; Calson Bermuda Ltd; Hyson; Litasco S.A; Mercuria Energy; Cepsa Lubricant; Trafigura Pte; Vitol S.A; Ocanbed Trading Limited; Bonno Energy; West Africa Gas Limited; Petrogas; Matrix; Masters Energy; Amg; Barbedos; Hindustan and Patermina.

“However, you may wish to provide the registration numbers or any other available documents at your disposal to enable us to investigate further.”

An earlier communication from the CAC was referenced NASS/9HR/AHC/PPSR/14/iH/01/051 and dated 1st July, 2022, had the list of eleven of the oil firms under probe by the committee.

The companies are:

Heyden Petroleum Limited, RC: 433175;
Graton Oil Limited, RC: 644074;
Duke Oil and Gas Limited, RC: 64456145;
Matrix Energy Limited, RC: 612026;
MRS Companies Limited, RC: 241,013;
Sahara Trade Nigeria Limited, RC: 352,443;
Essar Exploration And Production Limited, RC: 692910;
Sahara Group Limited, RC: 668626;
Rainoil Limited, RC: 257,444;
Casiva Limited, RC: 1091598;
Petroleum Trading and Supplies Company Limited, RC: 506113.

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