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 Marriage Is Not My Problem, I’m Still Young  & Will Marry At God’s Time — Nollywood Actor, Kenneth Aguba
July 21, 2022

Marriage Is Not My Problem, I’m Still Young & Will Marry At God’s Time — Nollywood Actor, Kenneth Aguba

Recall that APOSTLE CHIBUZOR GIFT CHINYERE promised him the following if he gets married?
1. I gave him full furnished house.
2. A wife. I will pay the bride price, I will do the whole wedding, i will invite the actors in Nollywood, it’s going to be a big wedding.
3. Start a business for them.
4. Since he’s a comedian, I will assist him in getting some actors, do a movie and make him the prime actor of the movie. That will make him go back to Nollywood again.
But if he decline, if he doesn’t accept this, then there is nothing else I can do. I will just give you people transport to take him back to where you pick him up from.
He said, he wants to marry a virgin from Israel…
I’m going to bring a doctor. He will rehabilitate his brain because poverty can make somebody run m@d. And also, during the process of rehabilitation, we’ll be praying for him”.
 Here are few reactions from social media;
May be an image of 2 people and outdoors  He made this beautiful lady cry on Sunday while in search of you Mr. Aguba? why
When them don give you house and car why u no go dey talk nonsense for mouth🤣🤣🤣u dey find virgin for Israel to marry ..well-done virgin master
Young at 56…?? God has connected you to a helper, please make judicious use of this opportunity my brother. May God direct you aright!!
Marriage is not your problem, what then is your problem cos I believe most of your problems are solved.
Ohhhhhhh I forgot you really have a problem that really needs urgent attention, your head needs to be examined properly to function well,
Which one is I need a virgin from Israel for marriage now he goes again by saying am still young marriage is not your problem.
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