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 Tips For Ember Months Travels- No. 8 Must Be Taken Seriously
September 12, 2022

Tips For Ember Months Travels- No. 8 Must Be Taken Seriously

For those of us Travelling this ember month, please read the following guides below;

1. Please, do prepare on time for you to move and arrive your destination on time.

2. Whenever you are traveling, please always listen to your instinct; whether to board or not to board a particular vehicle, to go to this park or the other, to go now or wait later, etc. Always listen to your inner voice.

3. My dear, “I dey come” no be address o!, always leave your phone on to keep in contact with or from your loved ones at the time of leaving and arrival.

4. Do switch on/activate your Location(GPRS) on your phone.

5. Please, do snap the plate number of the vehicle and manifest with all the passengers name already written down and send to a loved one on WhatsApp, in case!.

6. Please, don’t request or allow anyone request for a random stop on the high way, wait until any bus stop or any lively junction is reached.

7. Please, stop making or answering calls aloud in the bus, leaking your money transactions, your destination and vital information, you don’t know who’s sitting next to you…the conversation is better done through text messages or chats.
Mostly, girls should take note!

8. At any check point, please don’t be too rude because you want to meet up with time, though you should shine your eyes oo.
Your manner of approach matters.

And lastly, always Put your phone voice recorder and video camera active and ready, just so to cover any misguided issue on the way, which may enhance easy information for tracking and rescuing.

May God always grant us safe journeys and peaceful arrival whenever we travel…Amen!


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