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 What Sugar From Fruits Do To Your Body
July 24, 2022

What Sugar From Fruits Do To Your Body

Fruit sugar is a mixture of fructose, glucose and sucrose, which is much lower in sugar than most sweet snacks.


Most importantly, The Body Metabolizes Fruit Sugars Differently Than Processed or Added Sugars.


The body breaks down processed or added sugars quickly, causing blood sugar levels to spike and excess sugar to be converted into fat and stored.


However, fruits contain not only sugar, but also high amounts of nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats, which slow down the digestion and absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.


A 75-year study of 500,000 people by British and Chinese scientists found that people who ate one serving of fruit a day had a much lower risk of developing various chronic diseases than those who rarely ate fruit.


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