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 Why Labour Party Is A Nightmare To Other Political Parties In Adamawa-LP Guber Candidate
August 7, 2022

Why Labour Party Is A Nightmare To Other Political Parties In Adamawa-LP Guber Candidate

The Adamawa State gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Mallam Umar Mustapha Madawaki (Otumba) has opined that his party remains a political nightmare to other political parties in the state.

According to him Labour Party under his watch has recently received over 700 hundreds members of the New Nigeria People Party (NNPP) and thousands of members from PDP are queueing to join the party soon.

He disputed insinuations and rumors that the party is not having any structure to win the gubernatorial election in the state.

He explained that the people of Adamawa have now understood and predicted that the LP is the party to beat come 2023, and anybody that is underestimating the party is doing that at his peril.

Dispelling the assumption that the party is structureless, Otumba said LP is the best when it comes to party structure from up to down, and bottom to down.

He said the paradigm structure of the flow of information of the party is the best.

He however said that if it is the political structure by the thinking of many, that leadership of the party is framed up from unit to all levels President Jonathan Goodluck would have not lost an election in 2015.

“He was a seating President with all the power, with all the political structure you can think of and the money to win an election yet he woefully lost the election to a party that has not been in power,” Umar said

Umar continued to say that Labour Party is an institutionalized political party with a well-designed paradigm for the free flow of information from all structures of the party’s system not only in Adamawa but the entire states of the federation.

“Don’t you see how the labor party became prominent within a span period of three months? If it is not a structured party we would not have become what we are.

” We are a force to be reckoned with, not only that but a nightmare to all political parties. Therefore if anyone tells you we don’t have a structure is either illiterate politics-wise, or he doesn’t understand what it means to have a political structure in a party.” Otumba revealed

He further revealed that the party in Adamawa has gone to the extent that a political structure for the Youth, the women, and ardent politicians is in place for the party to thrive.

“Which structure are they talking about? In all the political polling units in the state we have over two hundred party men watching over the place. For your information, Labour Party is well institutionalized not only in Adamawa but the whole of Nigeria.” He said

He foresaw a total failure of the All Progress Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) whose internal party squabbles and lingering court cases will make them unattainable to win the Guber seat in 2023.

He is confident that even if the two dominant parties are not having issues, Umar said the Labour Party in Adamawa is not afraid of them. That they will certainly win the election because they have what it takes.

“Can you imagine I will receive thousands of PDP followers soon, and someone will tell me that they will survive the tsunami that is about to consume them? We are waiting for them at the poll Centers in 2023. Otumba stated

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