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 Why Young Ladies View Marriage With Nollywood Lens
July 4, 2022

Why Young Ladies View Marriage With Nollywood Lens

Love is placed on sale. Relationships consistently fail.
Trust has been sentence to jail. Bad communication is recycled as mail.

Young ladies sees marriage with Nollywood lens… Men play roles with filming sense….
Both of them makes marital mess… Thus, divorces in marriages is now imminence.

Marriages no longer works. The once beautiful garden destroyed with fork.
Once like a New York…But now like a deathport.

Affair run with so much lies…With hypocrisies flying everywhere like flies…
Couples acting toward each other like mice. Now an affairs of the foolish not the wise.

An affair built on faulty foundation. A union where certification comes before convocation.
Prior to marriage, couple gives false information… Hence, marital affair experience bad communication.

Ladies go into affairs for material gains… For sex ,men lose their divine domain.
In marriage ,women endures so much pains… Indiscipline makes men labour in vain. In the end marital train derail

Infidelity cause marriage too much labour. Distrust and hatred now marital flavour.
Marriage is lies and deceit habour. Hence, most marriage is devoid of God’s favour.

Children suffer uncommitted sins….Of their fathers who misuse their biological pins…
And ends up makes life bins….Instead of a worthwhile thing.

July 1st 2022

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