2023: ZLP Will Shock  PDP, Others In Rivers State-Kwanee Says As 86 Persons  Adopt Party

The Governorship candidate of Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) in Rivers State, Leyii Kwanee, has said, the party is strong enough to defeat the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and other political parties in the state in the 2023 governorship election.

Kwanee, who is former Deputy Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, disclosed that the  party has structures in all the 23 local government areas of the state.

This is as 86 members of ‘I see you group’ adopted the party  yesterday.  In an ballot system where leader of the  group,  Chizi Nyeomasila asked members to choose their favorite party, the People’s Democratic Party got one person,  the  All Progressives Congress (APC) got six while  ZLP, had 86.

Speaking, the ZLP governorship candidate said, : “You know I have been in this political journey for the past 20 years or thereabout so I cannot jump into anything if I am not sure if has solid foundation. So, I can assure you that Zenith Labour Party has structures in the 23 local government areas of the state.

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“Not just that before we came on board, we also did some works with other non-governmental organizations that are also coming on board to join forces with us in order to liberate Rivers State from the present state of affairs.

“As for Zenith Labour Party, we are strong, we are on ground and by God’s grace, Zenith Labour Party will win the governorship election in 2023.”

Kwanee stated that the leadership of the party muted the the idea of changing it’s name but later dropped the idea due to wise counselling, pointing out that voters will not be confuse when voting because the party is the last on the ballot papers.

He said: “We muted the initial plan of changing the name but based on wise counselling that we are almost approaching the election year, we have to go back on that arrangement.

“On the issue of confusing voters about the choice of Zenith Labour Party and Labour Party, I don’t think there will be any confusion because it stands now, Zenith Labour Party is the last party at the bottom of the ballot.”

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The leaders of the  group,  Nyeomasila,,said they adopted ZLP Labour Party because the  candidate  is tested and trusted  and has the capacity to deliver the  state from its numerous challenges.

He  said,  ” It is clear that God has answered our prayers of true leaders who are selfless and committed to transforming the  state.

The Zenith Deputy  Governorship candidate, Mrs. Blasba Kack, while speaking shortly after receiving the 86 members of “I see you  group’  said, “Rt. Hon. Leyii Kwanee has promised to decentralize everything we have in the state as well as  in the local governments.

“So, decentralization is one of his agenda and as you can see also, that the Rivers State we know and the Rivers State we grew up in, is not the one we are experiencing. Our youths are leaving the country, they are leaving the state, they are leaving Nigeria. It is not because we don’t have what it takes, our problem is leadership. We have come to correct it”.

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She continued,  “We want to take all that operates in the state capital, you will get them in the local government areas. Presently, you can see they are not operating. If you go to the local government councils, the chairmen are not there. They are all gathered in Port Harcourt. Most of them stay in hotels. But, my incoming governor has promised that all the local government areas habitable for everybody to live in. So, if you are a Chairman, be Chairman in your local government, you will not be Chairman in Port Harcourt. If you are from Degema where I come from, you will be in Degema; Akuku-Toru Chairman, you will be in Abonema. You will not come here (Port Harcourt); so, there will be movements of the things here to the local government areas.

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