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Advocacy Centre Cautions UPTH Against Blackmailing The Guardian, Its Reporter while Commending Burna Boy for Intervening

More groups has joined in commending the guarding report on the Horrors at UPTH  ICU for the impact journalism that is effecting change in the hospital.

The is according to a statement signed by the Executive director of Youths and Environmental advocacy center Nigeria (YEAC-Nigeria) as thus:-

As the forth estate of the realm that the media is, the Youths and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC-Nigeria) commends The Guardian Newspaper and its frontline correspondent, Ann Godwin for doing the human angle story on the gory situation of patients at the intensive care unit of UPTH which attracted the attention of the Rivers-born Grammy star, Borna Boy to pay the medical bills of patients at the hospital.

The organization cautions the tertiary medical centre against refuting the outcome of an investigative journalism and journalists and then turn around to receive the benefits of the report.

“Reports of this nature are what we need for a better and egalitarian society where the poor and needy people have the opportunity to express themselves, channeled to appropriate quarters by the media and succour comes the way of those who ordinary would not have been heard”, Mr. Fyneface Dumnamene Fyneface, the Executive Director of YEAC-Nigeria, Fyneface Dumnamene Fyneface said while breathing the management of the UPTH for trying to blackmail both the Guardian Newspaper and its correspondent, Ann over the factual and verifiable report on this matter which has now brought succour the way of the patients and victims of its poor medical services and dehumanizing conditions at the hospital that many are aware of.

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Mr. Fyneface called on the management of UPTH to render an unreserved apology to the Guardian and its correspondent, Ann Godwin by trying to cast them in bad light over an investigative report that met every standard and a human angle story aimed at social development.

Fyneface Dumnamane Fyneface,
Executive Director, YEAC-Nigeria.
June 13, 2024.

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