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Coalition of 8 Faith Based Organizations Laments Economic Hardship, Calls On Kaduna To Rise Up To End Insecurities

By Felix Sha”ad`

“A coalition of eight (8) Faith Based Organizations (FBO) after a peaceful match led by Imam Dr. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa *Ambassador. For Peace, converged at Leventis Overhead Bridge by Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna North LGA, Kaduna on Friday 12th April to cry out to Kaduna State- Government to rise up to alleviate the economic hardship and human security challenges in Kaduna State.“`

  1. As leaders of these faith based organizations which is made up of the two major religions in the state namely Christians and Moslems we consider it appropriate to lend our voices to the cry of our members to solicit for Kaduna State government conscious intervention and other stake holders.
    In the first place, using our pulpits, we have been collaborating with the State government to promote peace in our places of worship. We recognize the efforts of the Kaduna State government in the discharge of its mandate in cushioning the economic and security challenges in the State. The payment of pension and gratuity to retired and deceased civil servants in the State are some of the records we have established and we hope that this will be sustained.
    But we are deeply concerned about the escalating level of insecurity and the resultant economic hardship faced by the citizens of the State. The current situation calls for immediate attention and concerted efforts from the government and stakeholders within the State to alleviate the suffering of our people.
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Secondly there has been an alarming surge in various forms of uncertainty thereby affecting the safety and well-being of the people in the State. There have been a rise in the level of cultist activities, decline/decay of moral values within the family. proliferation of small and light weapons, drug peddling/addictions, trafficking in human persons, domestic and sexual harassment, sodomy, crime rate, hate and dangerous speeches by some religious leaders, increase burglary of people’s homes and valuables, kidnappings/banditry and organized criminal activities, widespread poverty, clashes with security agencies, unemployment, politics Characterized by desperation, widespread corruption and ethnic-religious intolerance.

Thirdly, the economic challenges in the State have reached an unprecedented level and the escalating cost of living have pushed many families into financial distress making it difficult to meet their basic needs and to care for the family well-being. The situation has added and heightened the hardship causing various forms of traumatic conditions. Remember the adage that says : “a hungry man is an angry man”

Fourthly, the current policies and economic scenario has further exacerbated the prevalent hardship, disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable members of our society, most especially women, girls and the youth. As a matter of fact due to inability for people to access opportunity for survival coupled with health care challenges, and disruption of essential services have deepened the struggles faced by individuals and community members alike. Many residents in the State are in constant state of fear and helplessness. We cannot turn a blind eye to the hardship they endure on daily basis. It is evident that urgent and comprehensive actions are required to mitigate these challenges.

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We on our part, make the following *recommendations:*
a) Strategic measures that will help to combat crimes/other related vices towards the safety of the citizens in the State should be ensured.
b) Policies and initiatives that promote job creation, economic growth and entrepreneurship in all the 23 local government areas of the State.
c) There should be a deliberate means to improve access to socio-economic infrastructures that reduce poverty, creating job opportunities through provision of a conducive environment that supports businesses and reduces inequality gaps.
d) A well -coordinated platform of religious organizations and networks on Early warning and Early action of conflict and security that will adequately respond to conflict in real-time.
e) Intra and inter religious skills development Programmes should be supported by both religious and relevant government agencies that will help those in need of such support with skills and tools that will enhance their livelihood and sustenance.
f) There should be religious tolerance and prohibition of hate speech bill that will act to promote religious tolerance, prohibit hate speech and to provide punishment for offenders and other related matters in the State.
g) Dialogue mechanism with faith based organizations (FBOs) and traditional leaders in the State should be established to help them support and proffer means for peaceful coexistence and on security challenges in the State.
h) Policy on human security should be in place that would serve the purpose of combating insecurity and addressing developmental issues.
Some members of the coalition made some relevant comments to justify their call for action like Rev. Bitrus Dangiwa of Interfaith Mediation Center (IMC), Mrs Hannatu Gabriel Buba of Women Interfaith Council (WIC)
Revd. Bulus Ibrahim of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)
Hajia Hauwa Usman Magayaki of Women in Favourable Environment (WIFE) a sub member of WIC.
*The Eight FBOs are the under listed:*
– Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry (CELI)
– Interfaith Mediation Center (IMC)
– Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)
– Network of Peace Journalist (NPJ)
– National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN)
– Youth Peace and Security Network (YPSN)
– Women Interfaith Council (WIC)

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