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Drama As Lady Identifies Fellow Passengers In A Public Bus As Kidnappers Who Abducted Her Months Back

The kidnappers came to Ihotu park to board a vehicle to Makurdi. There, they met a girl they last kidnapped and released after paying ransom. They were even using a bag they collected from the girl.

The girl raised the alarm, held one inside the vehicle, and two took to their heels, but were caught. They had a ghana-must-go bag at the back of the vehicle. Eleven million was discovered in it, well counted right outside at the station. Mobs were about setting them ablaze when the Ihotu park manager called soldiers, and both soldiers and police came to rescue them. The girl followed them to the station.

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The Benue State Governor called the commissioner that he’s interested in this case. They’ve been moved to Makurdi. The girl followed them. In fact, another lady came to the station and confirmed they were the ones who kidnapped her, too.
Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. Thank God for the vigilant lady who recognized the kidnappers.

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