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Enugu Govt To Sanction Civil Servants, Markets, Schools, Banks That Will Observe Sit-At-Home Tomorrow


Enugu Government directs resumption of normal activities on Monday, vows to sanction civil servants, schools, markets, and others that observe illegal Monday sit-at-home order

The Enugu State government wishes to remind the good people and residents of the state that the ban on the illegal Monday sit-at-home order remains effective.

In view of this, civil servants, schools, markets, financial institutions, business premises, and others, are hereby directed to resume normal activities on Monday.

Government restates its resolve to apply sanctions against defaulters of its cancellation of the illegal Monday sit-at-home order in the state.

Markets that fail to open to customers on Monday shall be shut down indefinitely. Shops in the markets that close on Monday shall be sealed and re-allocated to those eager to do business in the state. Government extends the same warning of sanctions against schools, financial institutions, shopping malls, department stores, business premises, and others that may defy its directive.

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Government reiterates that the illegal sit-at-home order is totally at odds with the Igbo spirit of industry, hardwork, enterprise, productivity, and creativity.

The general public is urged to go about their normal daily activities as adequate security measures have been put in place to protect lives and property.

Professor Chidiebere Onyia
Secretary to the State Government
Saturday, July 22, 2023

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