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HEY: Experts Reveals Secrets To Creating Wealth, Boosting Rivers Tourism Potentials Through Proper Waste Management

Stakeholders have called for concerted actions in securing the environment through conservation, boost Tourism potential and mitigate effects of climate Change as Global citizens is by Upcycling, Re-use and utilization of waste as sustainable  raw materials for production so as to attract investors to rivers state.

This was the focus at the Median Editions Of HEY- Health Environment and YOU Press conference organised in Port Harcourt on the 17th of August 2023, HEY, in line with it’s vision, in collaboration with the Nigeria Hotel, Association/Tourism Entertainment Association in Rivers State and SOSOCARE, to discuss the environment with the theme “The Earth is us and we are the Earth”. It was a gathering of the environment’s stakeholders, industry players, environment,  health professionals and tourism experts.

In his welcome address the State Chairman of the Nigeria Hotel Association and Leader of Hospitality, Tourism, and Entertainment Association, Rivers State, Mr. Eugene Nwauzi, stressed on the need to constantly engage critical stake holders on Environment, public health, tourism and hospitality to discuss and deliberate on critical issues affecting our environment, our health and our lives, as well as share and document innovative ideas and strategies that would deliver sustainable solutions for the good of the human community.

He said “Unfortunately man who is dependent on his physicals  environment for survivals has failed to take it’s rightly position in taming it for the benefit of all.  He noted that Human negligence, carelessness and collective actions for personal economic benefits has put the environment at a great disadvantage. This he said  has caused negative impacts such as global warming, acidification, fossil and resource depletion, photo chemical oxidation, human toxicology and fresh aquatic pollution all of which are detrimental to the health of man.

He further stressed that  the conference is aimed at engaging critical stakeholders and Global Audience discuss, deliberate on issues affecting the environment, Public Health, tourism and hospitality and as well as share and  documents Innovative Ideas  and strategies that would deliver sustainable solutions for the good of human community

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Also speaking at the conference is the brain behind project HEY, an acronym for ‘Health, Environment and you is Mr Kelvin Ogbonnaya, often referred to as a friend of the environment. is among those trying to create a balance in this malady and environment we presently occupy. HEY, according to Mr. Kelvin, aims to promote environmental health education, create awareness on waste management, waste utilization, climate action, recycling for health insurance and job creation.

He opined that the waste if managed properly will be bigger than the current dependent on oil and Gas for revenue, which will also boost IGR for the state governments and stakeholders in various facets of the Waste Management Industry

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For His Part, the President of Environmental Lawyers harped on capturing environmental sustainability and development within the confine of the law. Other agencies like the Rotary Club, Eco suggests commercializing the sector for Maxima growth and productivity which will pave way for economic development, a notion that was highly supported by other stakeholders.

Also duly represented were the representatives of the Rivers State Ministry of the Environment, Rivers State Waste Management Agency, Waste Management Society of Nigeria, Nigeria Environmental Society, Nigeria Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency, NESREA, Association of Environmental Lawyers Association of Nigeria, Rotary Club, Voice of Women in Leadership Initiative, Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria and others.

Others Who spoke at the events, Representing their organisations were Uche Chris-Benjamin of EHCN, Mr. Nosa Aigbedion of NESREA, Sir. Benson Friday Abu among others.

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