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Honeymoon Blues: ‘I Feel Lied To’- Lady Breakdown In Tears Upon Discovery Of Husband’s ‘Micrope*nis

A Newlywed, 27, whose husband insisted on waiting until marriage to have sex reveals her shock after he revealed that he has a ‘MICROP*NIS’ on their honeymoon.

The Reddit user known as throwaway_peen34 shared her story on the site’s ‘Am I the A**hole forum’ and asked if she was justified in feeling deceived.

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The couple was together for a year before they got married on Saturday.

The woman explained her husband wanted to wait until marriage to have s*x and would ward off her s*xual advances, claiming he was ‘old fashioned like that’

After discovering his p*nis is ‘about an inch and a quarter’ long,’ she wanted to know if she was justified in feeling like he had lied to her.

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