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How Waitress Lost Her Job After Posting Viral Video Of Man Dining With S3x Doll

A North Carolina waitress has been fired for posting a now-viral TikTok video of a customer eating dinner with an inflatable sex doll.

Waiter Tara Bjork shared the video on May 27 from her job at the Restoration Hardware Rooftop Restaurant.

She said in the video: “Ok, I’m not supposed to be making TikToks at work, but this calls for it.

“I work at a nice restaurant in Charlotte, and I need you guys to see what just came in the door.”

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She then flipped the camera to zoom in on a male diner seated across the room with an inflatable female doll propped up on the seat across from him.

According to the server, the doll had yellow-blonde hair and appeared to be wearing a black sleeveless dress, and was even hand-fed grapes by her human date.

The footage soon racked up over a million views.

Bjork later posted a follow-up video saying that she was fired because of the video.

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“[I] knew one of two things was going to happen, it would get no views and I would be fine or, it would blow up and I would be fired,” she explained to the Charlotte Observer.

Bjork added that she “was ready for new opportunities, so it wasn’t too much of a shock, thank goodness.”

“What I saw was him trying to ‘seat’ her, which was mortifying,” she added in a conversation with the radio station 96.1.

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At one point, the diner was feeding his “date” grapes, Bjork claimed.

The man in the video has now responded with a video of his own, which included a series of photos of himself seated across from the sex doll.

“Tough date,” he wrote underneath the post.

He explained that the strange date was payback for losing a Fantasy Football bet.

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