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I Got Impregnated 3 Times By A Dog– Ghanaian Teenager Reels Shocking Experience In Nigeria

The Oyerepa FM interviewed a young girl of 18 years concerning her life as a whole. To the surprise of all, she shared a very shocking experience she had when she left Ghana to live in Nigeria.

The Ghanaian girl identified as Angela Amewu said, when she left her home in Kumasi to live in Nigeria with her Aunt, life became very unbearable and hard for her because she had to undergo trials.

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She narrated how she was forced to sleep with her aunt’s husband almost everyday and at a point she was also forced to sleep with a dog.

Along the line, she got pregnant three times and was made to abort all. Angela further said she could not bear it any longer so she had to return back to Ghana. She sold sachet water to make ends meet and put her life back in place.

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The rate at which young girls are defiled is very alarming. All paedophiles must be brought to face the law. I pray God grants Angela the grace to move on and forget about her past

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