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Lawmaker Seeks Creation of Anioma State To Balance Representation Of The South East

The creation of Anioma state is both urgent and compelling. This proposal addresses the longstanding imbalance in the geopolitical distribution of states in Nigeria. The South East geopolitical zone currently has five states, unlike its counterparts, except for the North West, which has seven states. This disparity results in an imbalance of representation and resources, with the South East having only 15 lawmakers compared to the 18 lawmakers of other zones in the senate. This inequity affects legislative representation and the distribution of national resources, perpetuating a longstanding injustice.

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I am presenting a bill for the creation of Anioma state to correct this historical oversight. Anioma is composed of nine local government areas, six of which are rich in oil and gas resources. The region also boasts significant human capital, making it a viable and sustainable candidate for statehood. Creating Anioma state is not just about increasing the number of states; it is about ensuring fair representation and resource allocation for the South East.

The call for Anioma state has widespread support from various stakeholders. The Anioma socio-cultural group, Izu Anioma, and the Pan Igbo cultural organization, Ohanaeze Indi Igbo, have both been vocal in their advocacy for this cause. The political class in Anioma, including traditional rulers led by the late Asagba of Asaba, Obi (Prof) Chike Edozien, have also consistently supported the creation of Anioma state. They have held numerous meetings, including discussions with former President Olusegun Obasanjo, to voice their consensus.

The creation of Anioma state is a crucial step towards achieving justice and equity for the South East. With the majority of stakeholders in agreement, it is time to act and bring Anioma state into existence, correct the past imbalances and ensure fair representation in national affairs.

_ Sen. Prince Dr. Ned Nwoko
(X handle)

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PDA: Sen. Ned Nwoko, may God bless you for demanding the just creation of Anioma State. Don’t let the rascals from Orlu distract you. Thank you Senator.

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