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Over 5000 Emohua Indigenes Benefits From Ogbakor-Ikwerre USA/Canada Free Medical/Surgical Mission

Residents of Emohua Local government area were full of thanks to their  Keith and kin in Diaspora. who despite the present economic realities have come to give back to their people free health care check, surgical, Cancer screening,  breast examination, free consultancy and free drugs to natives, locals who thronged venue of the five days  medical outreach  at the primary health care center Located inside Emohua Local government council

Some of the beneficiaries of major surgeries who spoke to correspondent Anita Ogona expressed joy at the gesture, especially for 76 Year Old Mama Cecelia Dike who  had a successful Lipoma growth she carried for 27 years.  she said I did not pay a dime, may God bless Ogbakor Ikwerre.  Another beneficial who narrated how a hernia disease operation he underwent 7 years ago in Sudan but have battled with water retention for over five years, which force him to retire, spent all his savings treating and travelling to combat his health challenges until Ogbakor Ikwerre brought the succor. 19 Years old Prosper Amadi also  narrated how his poor parents couldn’t treat the hernia he developed at age 16, which has eaten the little resources he family could generate and forced him to stay away from continuing his Academic pursuitNo description available.

PIX. Lumps Removed from mama Cecilia

Speaking to Journalist at the sideline of the ongoing medical outreach the President of Ogbakor Ikwerre USA/Canada, Patrick Anyawoke, said the medical mission was necessitated by the need to provide Medicare to those who don’t have the resources to seek medical help. He said this is the second edition of the programme which is held biennial.

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He called on well meaning individuals to commit to providing health assistance to people in need, pointing out that people’s healthcare needs were on the increase.

Anyawoke said: “This is the second medical mission. The first medical mission is more like a tip of the iceberg of what we saw then, compared to what we see now. It almost seems like the problem is growing and so we think that we need to do more so that we can support and help provide healthcare need for our people.

“Ogbakor Ikwerre USA/Canada is very much committed to this so that we can collaborate we government, we can collaborate with anyone who cares to ensure that we can deliver on the healthcare needs of our people. Since this medical mission started on Monday we have seen over two thousand people that flow into this place.

Also speaking shortly after conducting journalist round the Medical  facility and surgeries performed by mission  the  Coordinator of the medical mission Dr Eric Weli  thanked his team for the great sacrifice, he said the last one they did was in 2021 was at Adanta Isiokpo in Ikwerre local government area “It was a very successful one, we treated three thousand six hundred and fifty Men, women and children, we only thank God for making it possible and I am really Glad that we are making impact to our peopleNo description available.

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For His part The Host of the program and the chairman of Emohua LGA DR, Chidi Lloyds said I am so glad when they arrived, these are Ikwerre men and women who are in Diaspora  under the aegis of Ogbakor-Ikwerre America and Canada, this is what they do in the USA Canada, and fortunately for us the president of Ogbakor  Ikwerre  is from our own local government, probably that influenced the decision to bring this years outreach to Emohua, honestly this years outreach is massive compared to what was done previously, we are here to give them support, because they are doing so well, they have attended to our  people satisfactorily, they are not just checking BP, Sugar test or treating Malaria, They are conducting difficult surgeries, screening for breast cancer, Eye test and recommending Glasses to boost our people sight, giving out free and expensive Routine drugs and every thing about your health”

Dr Lloyd said  we are even contemplating how we can make this event an annual event,  Health they say is wealth, if you have all the monies in the world and you have poor health, How do you function? he said the level of people who turned up does not mean that they are all sick, because the new advocacy says Go for routine medical checks, I cant have this number of people sick in my LGA and I will seat here as chairman, the crowd you are seeing are majorly for routine checkup.

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DR Mrs. Eric Said we are doing 5 days free medical care, we are all wearing pink in honor of breast cancer for people to talk about it,  because silent is killing lots of people, there is no shame, we want women to be screened, in this mission we are offering full  services, medical, surgical, Dental, Optometry, you can have eye surgery done, we are also offering specifically services  for women in honor of breast cancer month, we are offering clinical breast exam, cervical cancer screening, Sonogram for breast issues,  if after screening we find any case that looks like it could be malignant  we will pay for further diagnoses.

we are focusing on screening because black women have the highest mortality rate, compared to Caucasian women who present early cases,  due to late diagnosis, by the time black women are diagnosed, they are already at stage four of breast cancer, though the Caucasian women present more cases. that is why we are focusing on teaching women of reproductive age self breast examine, this will encourage women to learn and be comfortable with their breast, and to know when something is not right, so here we are offering scan, sonogram, Mamo gram and Ogbakor-Ikwerre is paying for all of it

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