Reasons Women Develop Post-Marriage Mental Disorders(Part1)-Find Solutions Here!

In case you have been wondering why some people develop mental health challenges years after Marriage and this commonly manifest in Women. Most people roam about with undiagnosed form(s) of mental issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Paranoid, etc.

Marriage can wreck your mental health and here’s how you can change that.

Sometimes, you don’t just marry the guy or the girl, you marry the problems too. Watch out for these signs before they mess up with your mental health.

However, if the toxicity is prolonged and is making you miserable, so much so that you can relate to the following symptoms, then beware!

1. Physical symptoms:

To begin with, fatigue, sluggishness, and a low-energy mode, as well as changes in appetite, weight, and sleep patterns are to watch out for.

Additionally, body aches, muscular cramps, or gastrointestinal issues without any clear cause could haunt you too. Not to mention, a racing heart/sudden palpitations/muscle tension happening frequently could also be indicative of anxiety.

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2. Emotional symptoms:
You might face a difficulty in responding happily to positive stimuli, or so a research conducted at University of Wisconsin-Madison says. Basically, just like general depression, the one resulting from your marriage can also make you demotivated enough to make you stop enjoying the things you really loved once. persistently feeling sad, empty, pessimistic, or hopeless along with uncontrollable panic, anger, restlessness, and irritability are also signs of danger.

Why is this happening to you?  this isn’t a spiritual answer to your question. Purely based on mental-health experts’ opinion, here are some of the factors that might be impacting your mental health negatively post marriage:

“A lack of consensus or communication with your spouse, getting dominated most of the time, living with an abusive or an emotionally-detached partner are some of the major factors that can make you depressed in a marriage,” says Dr. Seth.

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“A cheating spouse, lack of physical intimacy with your partner, stress caused by difference of opinion regarding issues like children’s upbringing, and interference in the marriage by third parties, say in-laws or friends can also impact your mental health negatively,” Dr. Poddar adds.

Reality check: What you need to work on first is your mental health
Now that you are aware of your condition and the many possible reasons for it, how about solving them one problem at a time?

An open communication with your partner is key to solving most of the problems, according to Dr. Poddar.

“Have an open dialogue with your spouse specifying a clear agenda of a successful relationship and work as a team towards the goal of a harmonious, happy relationship,” she says.
As for coping with a new environment, Dr. Poddar recommends allowing yourself some time and maintaining some patience to get accustomed to the newness.

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Dr. Seth suggests confiding in someone to share your feelings instead of bottling them up or indulging in self-pity. Trying to keep the spark alive in your relationship can also help.

Not to mention, doing what you love and giving yourself some much-deserved care can take you a long way. So yes, pursuing the hobby/job that you love and working out can basically help you get through the trickiest of the situations.

However, if you think that your condition is out of control and you have frequent suicide thoughts, please, please, please see a counsellor and undergo a treatment/therapy.
Needless to say, if your partner is an abusive jerk or is more toxic than cheap plastic, then walk the hell out on him. Because you know what? Nothing is worth compromising your peace of mind for.

to be continued… Part 2


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