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Sand Mining Buries 8 Almajiris Students Alive In Kebbi

Eight Almajiris students lost their lives while another sustained severe injury due to sand mining activities s Badariya Area of Kebbi State

The incident occurred around 9:00 am on a Saturday.

According to reports, the eight Almajiri students from Mallam Dan Umma Islamiya School were engaged in digging soil for their livelihood when tragedy struck, resulting in the loss of their lives and one injury.

“We’re calling on government to ban sand mining and any other related issues that can cause havoc,” said Mudassir Bello a resident of the area, speaking on the incidents.

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Bello said, this was the very first time of experiencing such calamity which resulted in the loss of lives, at the past, when stones fell, it accidentally fell on animals like goats and others because the animals used to lie under it and unfortunately this time around it is what it is.

“It’s so disheartening considering the fact that the victims were students,” stressed.

This unfortunate event highlights the dangers associated with sand mining, especially in areas prone to soil erosion like Kebbi metropolis, particularly in Tarasa and Ruggar Fulani.

Residents of the affected areas are calling on the government to take immediate action to ban sand mining and address related issues to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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Also, a witness to the incident, Mudassir Bello, reiterates the need for urgent action to forestall future occurrences of such incidents.

“In this situation, we can only pray for the victims and their parents as well, but government needs to play a crucial role in saving the lives and property of its citizens.

“There are a lot of issues regarding erosion, so, we’re calling on the authority’s concern, to as a matter of urgency investigate and take necessary action for the safety of the citizens,” he said.

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efforts to hear from the school teacher prove abortive as he says, he’s not in a good mood to react to the incident.

Also, the community Ruggar Fulani are seeking help as soil erosion becoming a source of concern and threatens their lives, especially during the rainy season, pleading for assistance to mitigate the risks posed by this environmental challenge.

Erosion is recognized as one of the world’s most serious environmental problems.

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