Side Effects Of Eating Groundnuts

MayoClinic, Peanuts usually referred to as groundnuts, are a common ingredient in many recipes and a favorite international snack. They include a variety of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, and are a strong source of protein. Yet, there are several reasons why you should refrain from regularly consuming groundnuts.

1. Allergies. The possibility of allergies is one of the biggest reasons to avoid eating groundnuts frequently, according to “MedicalNewsToday”. One of the most prevalent dietary allergens is groundnuts, and for some people, even a small quantity of exposure can result in life-threatening allergic reactions. These reactions can cause everything from minor side effects like hives and itching to more significant ones like breathing problems, nausea, and vomiting. An allergic reaction to it can, in extreme circumstances, even result in anaphylaxis, a condition that can be fatal and necessitates rapid medical intervention.

Home Healthy Eating Superfoods Eating too many peanuts? Here’s why you need to STOP now. In general, peanuts or ‘moongfali’ as they are popularly known in India, are loaded with healthy fats and contain plenty of poly and monounsaturated fats. Peanuts are considered one of the highest sources of omega 6 fats that can help against a number of inflammatory diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. With their boastful nutrient value and lip-smacking taste, people tend to overdo it sometimes.

Consume them in moderation.
Arti Johari, a senior nutritionist, spoke to HealthShots about the side effects of overconsuming peanuts.

“Peanuts are not only rich in good fats, monounsaturated fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids but they are an excellent source of protein and magnesium. While peanuts may be undoubtedly great for your health, they tend to pose a few threats if over-consumed,”

1. You may gain weight
Since peanuts are a rich source of fat, their overconsumption may lead to unwanted weight gain. Research has proven that a handful of peanuts has 170 calories. According to the dietary guidelines, our body needs a daily intake of 1600 to 2400 calories. When snacking on peanuts, it’s easy to surpass the daily intake and it may lead to putting on some kilos.

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2. Inhibit mineral absorption
Despite their contribution to your overall health, peanuts may block mineral absorption in your body. Phytic acid, a component in peanuts, is responsible for inhibiting the absorption of iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Over time, Phytates can contribute to mineral deficiencies, irritation in the intestinal tract, and allergies.
3. May cause high blood pressure
While peanuts are naturally low in sodium, eating salted peanuts at a bar or a peanut namkeen at home may alleviate blood pressure. Too much sodium may pull water and fluids into your bloodstream, thus, causing high blood pressure. So, opt for low sodium or unsalted peanuts before munching on them.

4. May increase inflammation
Considering peanuts contain a high amount of omega-6 but not omega-3, peanuts may weigh your omega-3 to 6 ratios towards omega-6. An imbalance in these essential unsaturated fatty acids may cause inflammation in your body.

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5. Deadly for nut-allergic people
As common as peanut allergies are, the number of allergic people who encounter peanuts in their various forms is huge. A reaction to peanuts is common due to its extracts used in food processing and cross-contamination of food exposed to peanuts during its preparation. Some symptoms of peanut allergy are skin itching, shortness of breath, and diarrhea.

The last words
As they say too much of anything is harmful, mindful consumption of peanuts is what you need to focus on. To eat peanuts in moderation is the key to reap benefits from this super snack which is low in carbs and high in protein. And surprisingly, peanuts have more protein when compared to other expensive nuts!


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