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Supreme Court Seasons of Affirmation: How They Averted National Crises After Unpopular Judgments From Lower Courts

Supreme Court douses tensions generated from the aftermath of its controversial and unpopular judgments on the presidential election as it upholds and affirms the victories of ALL state governors election cases before it

Check it out, just today only.

1. Kano state (Abba Yusuf NNPP vs Nasiru Ganuwa APC)
Tribunal – sacked the state Gov as over 166,000 votes it declared void due to non stamping. It declared APC winner
Appeal Court– upheld the sack and added that Abba Yusuf was not validly nominated by the NNPP, not being a member of the party.
Supreme Court – voids these judgements and reverses the sack.

2. Zamfara state
(Dauda Lawal PDP vs Ahmad Mattawale APC)
Tribunal – upheld Lawal’s victory
Appeal Court – voids Tribunal s judgements and sacks Lawal. Orders bye election in 3 LGAs to determine the winner
Supreme Court – voids the Appeal Court judgement and restores Lawal

3. PLATEAU state (Caleb Muftwang PDP vs Goshwe APC)
Tribunal – upholds Muftwang s victory
Appeal Court – reverses it and sacks Muftwang cos PDP is non existent in the state, having disobeyed court orders and failed to hold its conventions in 2022 (this judgement cost almost all the legislators on the ticket of PDP, their victories as the Appeal Court, their last court, sacked them all)
Supreme Court – Reverses the Appeal Court verdict and returns Caleb Muftwang. But unfortunately, the legislators will not enjoy this victory

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4. Lagos state
(Sanwo-olu APC vs Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour LP)
Tribunal – Upheld Gov victory
Appeal Court – Upheld Tribunal
Supreme Court – upheld Appeal Court verdict.

5. Bauchi state
(Bala Mohammed PDP vs APC)
Tribunal, Appeal Court and Supreme Court all upheld the Gov s victory

6. Ebonyi state
(Nwifuru APC vs PDP)
Tribunal, Appeal Court and Supreme Court all upheld the Gov s victory

7. Cross Rivers state
(Bassey Otu APC vs Sandy PDP)
All three (Tribunal, Appeal Court and Supreme Court) all upheld the Gov s election.

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Other cases that were earlier ruled on include that of the Governors of Abia (Alex Otti) and Adamawa (Ahmed Finitri)

It appears that the Supreme Court desires not to upset the apple cart and to douse tensions and maybe redeem itself before the much agitated masses.

And Mr President despite being from the APC must be commended for his maturity in not allowing his party to “capture” through the courts what they lost at the ballot. The president s non intervention (or positive intervention if you prefer) definitely went a long way to making this happen.
Truly, contrary to the fears of most Nigerians, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu despite the initial hiccups and missteps (especially as regards fuel subsidy removal, forex and the budget) appears set to make it up to Nigerians.

And above all, as a consummate politician, he definitely read the moods of the moment and knew that any upset in the states esp in highly volatile and controversial states like Kano and Plateau while might be to the advantage of the his party the APC (the beneficiaries in the two states would have been the APC candidates) might potentially tilt the nation over the precarious precipice and lead to a much anticipated nationwide conflagaration and unrest.
Of course it’s a common knowledge that the judiciary especially at the apex level, often tilt towards the desires of the president in its decisions.

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Kudos to the Governors of these states
And it is expected that same decisions will be reflected in the remaining states especially Kaduna which is another volatile state
Kudos to MR president for being a maverick political Maestro

And kudos to Nigerians for another national crises averted.

May the calm last.


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