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Untold Nollywood Lack Of Safety Adherence Stories: Bodies Of Photographer, Make-Up Artist Recovered From River Niger

According to recent reports, the remains of the makeup artist and photographer have been recovered from the River Niger.

Recall that following the boat disaster in the late afternoon yesterday that killed about seven members, including actor Junior Pope, it was claimed that several of the members were still missing.

According to a recent update from movie producer Stanley Otop, the bodies of the two crew members—the makeup artist and the cameraman—have been found.

However, the body of the sound man is yet to be found. He made this known in a post shared on his Instagram page.

The tragic incident that claimed the lives of four people including the popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope has started to unearth things behind the scenes of the industry. In most recent reactions which is a sequel to the announcement of the later demise of the actor, the industry has come under a severe criticism, as concerned citizens keep pouring aspersions on their levity with the safety of the actors during movie productions.

In their release earlier Thursday, the National President of the Actor Guild of Nigeria AGN, Dr. Ejezie Emeka gave fresh directive, suspending indefinitely the production of any movie around or within the riverine areas, and riding of boats.

AGN also suspended the actors from working with or for the producer, Adamma Luke, whose contract led to the demise of the actors.

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In a related development, a Facebook user, Anne Nnebedum has announced the exposition of Asaba Film Sets.

Anne Nnebedum in a heartbreaking piece disclosed a series of things done by the Asaba Film Sets that deliberately subject the lives of the actors to danger. Anne Nnebedum wrote:

“I think it’s time to expose Asaba film sets
“If you have worked in Asaba film sets you would know how they ignorantly do dare d’evil scenes without any safety measures
“This was the reason I had to quit there cause it messed up with my m’entaI health and instead of me to continue complaining, I’d rather leave
“It’s cause this particular scene caused the d€ath of a popular person that’s why awareness is being thrown out
“Let me give you instances of daredevil scenes done in Asaba
“Using REAL LIFE Anaconda snake to do scene to portray 0gbanje and they tell you that they have juju controlling the snake, then they tell the upcomer actress to enter river with the snake , knowing that it’s a wild animaI that can flip and kiIl that actor
“Sometimes they bring p’oisonous cobras 😡😡 and claim juju would make it not to bit€

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“Another d’aredevil scenes they do is “fir€ scene”, the way they do it ehn, if you see it you would panic! Mind you no fire extinguisher 🧯 close by o
“If you are telling them that safety should be priority, they would alienate you like you are the fo’ol whereas all them d’umbasses are the wise ones

“Another d’aredevil scenes they do is w€apon f’ight, this people legit like to prove points and do sina Rambo and zubby Michael
“Especially the upcomers, they legit hit themselves real hard with real bottles, sometimes people bIeed on set
“And they laugh about it cause, treatment is taken and they get away with some of it

“Another d’aredevil scenes is “River scenes in unsurvey area”
“Like any river na river.. what they do is just to go call a juju person that would give them a go ahead
“I remember one time I was talking about random wide animaIs in the river side and how someone with g’un (a well experienced security) should be around, they took it as too much talk that would incure expenses
“I walked out of that set! Cause it was disgustin
“Juju is the safety method they take there

“Many upcomers we don’t know about have lost their lives in Asaba but was covered because they are not known
“Asaba film set prioritize juju more than anything, same with Yoruba film set

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“Another thing that would come to light soon is how they r’ape upcoming underage actress in the industry
“Even popular actors, producers, directors that are your fave do this

“It’s sad that jnr pope h’ead followed to create the awareness
“Cause trust me, if he didn’t join in, those crew d€ath won’t be heard! It would be swept under the carpet real fast
“It’s just sad! This messed with my sleep last night, I was awake on social media
“I don’t know why people choose to stress me like this 😭
“Same yesterday, accid€nt on third mainland bridge “😭

Another group on Facebook known as Annonymous have pinpointed one Mr. TC Okafor.
The Group alleged:
“The Boy TC Okafor should tell the world what happened to the man Pope Odonwodo. Why they had to perish numbers of people just to get one man. It is terrible. We shall give details to this in time to come. This is yet another Aloba related story.”

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