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Urgent Need For Public Cemetery To Be Built With Chapels In Major Cities Across Igboland

Insecurity and emergence of Unknown Gunmen is causing a great Paradigm Shift in social life in Igboland.

Many White and Traditional Weddings are now done in cities. Most worrisome is burial of loved ones. Many influential corpses are now buried abroad or at cemeteries in Lagos or Abuja. Some are laying endlessly at Mortuaries. Some were sneaked in and hurriedly buried in the night in family compounds without notice of even neighbors with the funeral rites done in cities or postponed indefinitely.

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This situation has thrown out a major ill in the cultural life in Igboland.

Public Cemetery is a normal culture in America, England and advanced Cultures. Amongst the Hausas and Yoruba’s, public cemetery is a normal culture.

It is like the time has come for Ndigbo to advance their culture to world standard. There is urgent need for public cemeteries to be established in major cities and suburbs in Igboland to reduce the suffering people go through carrying corpses to the villages for burial.

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Funeral Under Takers, Town Unions, Churches and Wealthy Individuals should beef up their services by developing public cemeteries with chapels in Igboland.

For any culture to survive the current changes going on globally today, such culture must adjust to simplicity and naturalness.

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