Why They Made Headlines In 2023: Faces Of Anambra Billionaires Who Got Nigerians Talking Positive News

Why They Made Headlines In 2023: Faces Of Anambra Billionaires Who Got Nigerians Talking Positive News

Here is a summary of what these Anambra billionaires did in 2023 that kept them in the news:

Allen Onyema

Allen Onyema was in the news for his act of patriotism when he offered to evacuate Nigerians in Sudan. He received across the board applause for his charitable acts. He was also called out later in the year for the increase in air fares particularly by his igbo brothers.

Stanley Uzochukwu

Dr Stanley Uzochukwu(Stanel) gained significant attention in 2023 for his hotel, The Delbrough, located in Lagos, which was praised as one of the best in the country. Many have questioned why he located such massive investment in lagos instead of Anambra,his home State considering what ndi Igbo are going through in Lagos.

Dr Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi (Obijackson)

Dr Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi (Obijackson)made headlines when he purchased a new private jet that went viral. Additionally, in December, he shared palliatives with 5,000 people from his community, a gesture that had never been done before considering the items distributed. His investment in hospitality in his Okija community kept him in the news.

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Sir Emeka Offor

Emeka Offor: Emeka Offor constructed 10 houses for widows in his village, which garnered attention and admiration throughout the year.

Chief Abraham Otti

Chief Abraham Otti (Mighty Mighty): Chief Abraham Otti allocated 120 million naira for the construction of 10 buildings for widows in his community, Umuchu. He also provided 650,000 naira for each household and equally furnished the houses and provided food items. Furthermore, his purchase of a new Rolls Royce and his grand entrance into his community during Christmas gained attention on social media. His chieftaincy title as Ikenga was widely discussed due to the large number of attendees.

Ken Ifekudu

Ken Ifekudu: Ken Ifekudu continues to steal the show at events with his dollar spraying. He made headlines for his contributions to his community, Ozubulu, including the construction of lock-up shops and road projects. His new house in Ozubulu has continued to trend on the social media. He also empowered numerous families in Anambra and was admired by organizations and institutions.

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Christopher Ndubuisi

Christopher Ndubuisi: As the Ikenga Umuawulu, Christopher elevated philanthropy to new heights. He spearheaded several road projects in his community and others. He recently launched empowerment programs, benefiting over 800 people in Obizi. Furthermore, he built and donated a tuition-free secondary school in his community, Umuawulu.

Arthur Eze

Arthur Eze: Arthur Eze, a well-known billionaire in Anambra State, made headlines at the end of the year when he generously donated a massive sum of five billion naira to the government to support its welfare program during his 75th birthday celebration organized by the Anambra State government.

Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu

Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu became the center of attention in 2023 when he married a 26-year-old girl. The former gubernatorial aspirant’s proposal to the former Miss Universe dominated social media and received widespread coverage.

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Ide John Udeagbala

Ide John Udeagbala: The Aba-based billionaire industrialist, Ide John Udeagbala, dominated the media space when he was appointed as the Mayor of Aba. His appointment was praised by all and sundry as well-deserved.

Nonso Okpala

Nonso Okpala: Nonso Okpala made headlines when he listed the company he founded 14 years ago with 35 friends on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The attraction was that the company, which started with an initial capital of N2.4 million, was worth over 50 billion naira in 2023. He inaugurated his tuition-free Secondary school, Uga in the year under review.

Chief Eric Umeofia

Chief Eric Umeofia was on the news for threatening to arrest a lady who posted a negative review of his locally produced nagiko tomato paste product.

Cletus Ibeto and Dozzy

Cletus Ibeto and Dozzy : Their court case was a constant mention in the media last year.

Cletus Oragwa (Zenco)

Cletus Oragwa (Zenco) mobilized all the A-list artiste in Nigeria for the launch of his bitters drink ,D’General.

Source: Anambrapeople.ng.com

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