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Why Vulture Are Now Hardly Seen Around Our Communities In Nigeria

What You Must Know About Vulture;

The contemporary generation may not understand the symbol of Vultures in the land. While many may want to tag it as one of the superstitions, others especially adults, who are deeply grounded in the culture and traditions of the land would understand the evidence that is usually attached to the presence of vultures and what it portrays when vultures desert the land for long.

For some years now, in many parts of Igbo land, and Nigeria at large, vultures could be said to have gone on sabbatical, maintaining a long distance from the human communities. This sudden disappearance of Vultures led to our research on the significance of the development thus far. In the course of the research, it was discovered that a few years ago, the issue of get-rich-quick syndrome became the talk of the town among the young people in Nigeria. A lot of incidents began to take place whereby people delved into certain activities in the quest for affluence, resulting in different untold engagements.

This development has triggered a series of questions about its significance, especially in a country with a variety of tribes enriched with undiluted cultural heritage. The country, Nigeria has for decades now been in the cobwebs of many abominable acts ranging from bad leadership, extrajudicial denials of people’s lives, hate, bribery, and corruption, among others. These atrocities amassed to jettison the sacredness of the land leading to the unprecedented disappearance of vultures in the country.

A vulture is a very spiritual and sensitive creature, that feeds on dead animals and even humans, but doesn’t stay anywhere there’s evil. Once a land and people start living and committing evil, vultures will desert that area. Most strong native doctors use vultures for rituals.

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The eggs of a vulture are hardly seen. There were a lot of things to talk about vultures during our childhood days…

However, nowadays, Vulture is hardly seen all over Nigeria.
Also, discovered is the worth of a Vulture. To this effect, one could be baffled by the price of vultures in the market nowadays. It’s pertinent to let you know that every part of a vulture, including the feathers, head, legs, anus, eggs, etc, are used to do different types of work in the realm of traditional activities.

It all became a thing of concern to the animal, the vulture when the youth of the land also started to hunt them down and pledge a whopping price of cash for anyone who had vultures for sale, in addition to the already overwhelming atrocities being perpetrated by the people in charge of different sectors of the society such as leadership, and religion.

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It was also discovered that vultures don’t dwell in a society full of evils and coupled with the fact that their lives were at stake, vultures took on their heels and to date, you can hardly see a vulture in Nigeria.

Please, have you seen a vulture today? (Biko ihula vulture taaaa?)
“Nigeria is now calamitous that’s why vulture is scarce in the country.” Commentators would say.

Source: Hyginus Dan C October 25, 2023

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