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19 Year Old Soldier Found Dead In His Army Barracks, 24 Hours After Being Put On ‘Risk Register.’

Families of a 19-year-old soldier have been left in a state of mourning after he was found dead in the UK. Ebrima Nyabally, who joined the army when he was 17, was found dead in his room at the barracks in Tidworth on February 25.

Ebrima Nyabally was found dead in his Army barracks just 24 hours after being put on ‘risk register.’

Mr. Nyabally, who joined the army when he was 17, was found dead in his room at the barracks in Tidworth on February 25.

The grieving family of a 19-year-old soldier said the tragedy has torn them apart as they struggle to get closure while waiting for information about his death.

The family said his body was discovered at around 9pm but it was not until the early hours when the family received the devastating news.

His father, Malang Nyabally, who was working a night shift at the time, had to rush home when a police officer visited them at around 2am.

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Speaking out for the first time from their home in Bestwood, Nottingham, Ebrima’s parents said they are yet to see the body of their beloved son.

Describing the night of the tragedy that ‘tore my family apart’, the 48-year-old father said: ‘I struggled to drive home that night. It is difficult to put into words how I felt.’

He is now seeking more information from the army about his son’s death and claimed that Ebrima was put on a ‘unit risk register’ the day before he died.

Mr. Nyabally, a veteran of the British Army, added: ‘I am absolutely heartbroken. He did not die in the war, he died in the barracks.’

The tragedy has hit him even harder as Ebrima, who was his eldest son, wanted to follow in his footsteps and serve in the army. Mr Nyabally added: ‘My family legacy is broken.’

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He described his son as a ‘shy, generous and kind young man – who had his whole life ahead of him’. Ebrima moved to the UK from Gambia when he was only six years old. ‘He was a promising young man’, his father added.

Trying to hold back their tears, Ebrima’s parents said they feel like they have been ‘left in the dark’. His father said: ‘I am so angry about everything. I wanted to see his body. I wanted to see the place where he did it. We want answers. ‘What hurts us most is that we cannot see his face. We do not know what we are going to find. ‘I was so proud of him. He was the one who would have carried on my legacy.’

Mr. Nyabally said that having to tell the devastating news to Ebrima’s three siblings ‘was the worst thing that I had to do’. ‘They were all crying’, he added. ‘On the last day they spent together, Ebrima bought him a takeaway. They loved him very much.

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‘He was very generous. He used to send us £100 every month. He was very caring. He had a very strong faith as well. ‘He has never been unhappy in the army. Ebrima loved life.’

An Army Spokesperson said: ‘It is with great sadness that we can confirm the death of a soldier in Tidworth on 25th February 2023. Our thoughts are with the soldier’s family and friends at this difficult time and we ask that their privacy is respected.’

A spokesperson for the Wiltshire & Swindon Coroner’s Court confirmed that an inquest has been opened into the death of Mr Nyabally.

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