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Attempts To Tamper With Judicial Process Will Create Sudan In Nigeria- Keyamo Warns

Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo has sent a stern warning to those planning to sabotage the judicial process at the election tribunal cases.

The Minister noted that those who are planning to tamper with the judicial process would end up creating another Sudan In Nigeria.

Keyamo made this known via a Twitter post on Monday.

The minister, who was President-elect Bola Tinubu’s campaign spokesperson during the just concluded 2023 elections, said such a move was one of the “cheap tactics.”

Parts of the tweets read, “The Tribunals and Courts should decide these cases devoid of any kind of intimidation from any of the parties and their supporters.”
“I call on all supporters of the APC and all patriots to remain calm and be respectful towards the judiciary and be ready at all times to respect and defend the judiciary and our constitution no matter which way the wind blows. Any attempt to destroy the judiciary (as these characters are bent on doing) is an invitation to another ‘Sudan’.

“Well, just as they often issue the empty boast that they are a different ‘movement’ and the judiciary should not ‘mess’ with them, they will soon realize that the judiciary is also a different kind of institution with which they cannot ‘mess’.”

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