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Condemnation After India Policemen Was Caught On Camera Throwing Body Of Road Accident Victim Into Canal

There is uproar in India after police officers were caught on camera throwing the body of a road accident victim into a canal.

In the viral video taken by a passers by, the three uniformed police officers are seen carrying the bloodied victims to a bridge barrier.

The officers in the Bihar State’s Muzaffarpur district, are then seen pushing body over the edge into the waters below.

The video posted on Sunday, October 8, 2023, has gone viral on social media.

Rakesh Kumar, a Senior Superintendent of Police in Muzaffarpur district has admitted that the officers committed a big mistake and have since been suspended.

However, he says that the accident victim was badly mangled after he was crushed by a speeding truck, and they only threw the lower half of the body.

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“It was the body of an elderly man who is yet to be identified. The upper half was sent for post-mortem but the lower half was badly mangled so they threw it in the canal,” Rakesh says as reported by local media.


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