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Friday Live Update From PEPT: Court Watches Drama As PDP Witness Tenders APC Tinubu, Chicago Certificate, Guinean Passport

So this Subpoenaed PDP witness was asked by APC counsel whether he’s a member of APC.

He said `NO I’m Proudly OBIDIENT’????????????

PDP has officially closed their case for the petitioners now

The other parties will go into defense

All the parties agreed after it was moved by INEC lawyer in this matter, that it should be adjourned to 3rd of July after Sallah, which is on the 1st of July

The court has granted ADJOURNMENT to 3rd of July date for PDP Matter!

PDP witness tendered Chicago State University Certificate and even Guinean Passport

Tinubu’s lawyer Olanipekun is currently cross examining him

O: You are not the custodian of this Chicago State University Certificate and you’re not a custodian of the Guinean Passport

W: I applied to the Chicago State University and they gave me the documents

O: I asked you a simple question, I know you are a lawyer

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W: I applied to Chicago and they gave me the documents

O: You are not a custodian

W: I applied to the university and they gave me

Justice Tsamamni: Ahn Ahn
Witness what is your problem


This PDP Witness get coconut head. I like the guy ????

This witness and Tinubu’s lawyer SAN Olanipekun would soon pull shirt and fight man to man????????????

The witness is also a lawyer and he’s now arguing with Olanipekun

O: Did you ask the Guinean authorities about this passport if it truly exists

W: The former president of Guinea Alpha Conde already said Tinubu has the citizenship. That’s all

Olanipekun on the top of his voice: Will you just answer the question.
Did you ask any authorities

W: Alpha Conde said he was the one that gave the citizenship

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Olanipekun now shouting: Will you answer the question

Justice Tsammani: Witness please, I know you are a lawyer, just answer his question

W: Alpha Conde said

Justice Bello: What is the problem, answer the question


O: Thank you my lords. Witness did you ask any Guinean authorities

W: Alpha Conde said

‘The entire courtroom burst into laughter ????????????’

This PDP Witness ????????????

Olanipekun: This Guinean passport Expired in 2020 witness

Witness: The data page expired and not the citizenship. Tinubu is still their citizen ????????????????

This PDP witness they would soon beat him oh ????????????

Water don pass gari for Tinubu cup

Olanipekun and this witness will fight outside I swear ????????????
They will fight after this court case ????????????

Olanipekun: Witness would you want anyone to scandalize you

W: That is why I won’t involve in forgery of documents so that nobody would scandalize me ????????????

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Olanipekun is now shouting again: Witness would you just answer the question. I said would you want anyone, anybody at all to just scandalize you

Justice Bolaji: He has answered you please. We got his answer


Witness: Thank you my lord. I don’t forge documents ????????????

Olanipekun: Okay my lord. That would be all.

This PDP witness today is a stubborn coconut head man walahi ????????????

Wahaluuurr ohhhh

This PDP witness has carried obidients somewhere oh

APC lawyer Fagbemi is the one questioning him

APC: You are member of PDP right

Witness: No I’m not. I am part of the Obidient Movement

The whole court is murmuring loudly and laughing at the same time ????????????

Obidients Obidients water don pass Tinubu garri o

PDP ????????????

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