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Group Publishes Book To Raise Funds For The ObiDatti Campaign Team

A group of publishers in the ObiDatti campaign team has published a book as part of the funding tools for Mr. Peter Obi’s Presidency.

Leader of the group and Publisher of DaSoul Media Ltd., Mr. Joe Bankole, said on Monday in Abuja at a pre-order public notification that funds realized from selling the books would be used to settle expenditures incurred during the campaign.

Bankole added that funds realized would be used to help offset election expenses. “The book titled ‘Business Unusual’ is postulations of Peter Obi’s administration and what he will do if voted into power at the 2023 presidential election,” he said.

Bankole who retired as a Director of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said there was a need for every patriotic Nigerian to channel efforts at advancing the political fortunes of the country and overcome its self-inflicted problems. “In view of what Nigerians have experienced at the hands of politicians who have largely disappointed them over the past four decades, Nigerians must be sensitized on this book and what it brings on board the Nigerian political journey.

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“The book interrogates the person of Peter Obi to reveal indeed that he embodies, what it requires to ultimately get the people’s overwhelming mandate to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“It provides a bird’s-eye view of the virtues found in Obi that are common with every great president such as a strong vision for the country’s future, ability to put their perspective of history into governance at the national level and effective communication skills.“Also, it portrays his ability and courage to make effective decisions, crisis management skills, character and integrity, wise appointments and ability to work smoothly with the parliament,” Bankole said.

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According to him, the book provides a scintillating survey of the meaning of the truth and insight into what makes Obi tick, and his experience in corporate Nigerian as well as political administration in Anambra State.

Bankole also said that the book gives insight into Obi’s take on security as a priority to national development and the organic birth of the Obi-dient movement.“The book also gives insight into the oath of office/inauguration ceremonies, and postulations as to what Nigerians should expect in Obi’s first 100 days as president as well as his exceptional leadership qualities.

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“The book is a collection of verifiable evidence, collective perspectives of what has now evolved into the political revolution christened the Obi-dient Movement, documentation of insightful conversations with Peter Obi, his political party, and what they also term to be his shadow cabinet.“Divided into 12 chapters, the book details the rich profile of Obi, his estate, his businesses, footprints in corporate Nigeria, key support instruments for private sector growth, and takeaway experiences that can impact his tenure as president,” Bankole added.

He said that the book is a gargantuan governance milestones achieved by Obi as the Governor of Anambra and what informed his decision to run for President of the country. (NAN)

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