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Lady In Tears As University Demands Return Of Certificate After Her Podcast s3x-for-grades Claims

Nigerian lady claims varsity demanded certificate return after her sex-for-grades remark on podcast

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Chinwe Splendor appeared to have landed in hot water after making a controversial statement on a podcast.

Splendor was the latest guest on the Gbam!! by Yan Content podcast, where she chronicled her school life, including how she slept with lecturers to pass her courses.

During the episode, she claimed there was a year when she never attended lectures but had good grades.

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“I finished school five years ago. When I entered, things were so hard for me and I had no other option than to enter street and during that time, I did not have time for lectures because after night work I will be tired. So I decided means to cover up my studies by sleeping with lecturers,” she said. “There was a particular year that I did not attend lectures at all but I made all my papers. It was not easy. I had to do what I had to do to survive. I slept with so many lecturers and I came out with good grades.”

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The lady claimed the viral interview reached her “university’s administration who demanded the return of my certificate within 48 hours”.

Splendor expressed distress over the situation, questioning why she should return a certificate she “earned” through her actions.

“The university I attended sent me an email to return my certificate within 48 hours. I want to ask, is this right? That certificate, I earned it. I worked hard for it,” she said.

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“If it is like that, then I know so many of my coursemate that will return their own certificate. I am really going through a lot.”

Splendor, however, did not disclose the university’s name.

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