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Podcaster Arrested by Police, Asked To Produce Accomplice Chinwe Splendor After Petition By Anambra Real Estate Developers

Mr Chijioke Igwendu also know as Yan Baba has been arrested by police, Zone 13 Ukpo, Anambra state.

Following our petition to the the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Zone 13 Ukpo, Anambra state on 11th of June, 2024, The founder of Yan Kontent Factory and promoter of Gbam, an online podcast was this afternoon arrested and questioned by men of Nigerian Police Force.

He was further asked by the police to produce his accomplice Chinwe Splendor with immediate effect for proper interrogation and prosecution.

Member of the Anambra Real Estate Developers Association present during his interrogation are;
The acting Chairman, Nwafor Chisom Martin, Chief Kingsley Obika, CEO ROCK-LINK REAL ESTATE COMPANY LIMITED, Collins Igwe, acting Secretary, Hon Stanley Excel Anowai, CEO PASVIC HOMES AND SERVICES.

Collins Igwe
Acting Secretary and MD, Afrihedge Properties Limited.

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Credit: Anambra Real estate Developers Association.

However a social media critic Popularly known as pen of the gods Has call on ladies for caution in a bit to trend. he advised as follows

“I come as Big Uncle and whatever you wants to call me , but as Dibia Onu Ike, i come to shove truth down our throats, kindly a accept it or i will make you eat it like SHAWARMA.

Social MEDIA can hail you, grow you and ruin you as well , you see this Social Media Content creating? is just a euphemism for ina niyi(Being Useless), the consequences of using your “focus money to act” Instead of Using your brain is an invite to doom.

A pregnant mother wanted to trend and she Started by provoking and insulting someone’s business on Social Media and when cautioned she think SOCIAL Media will protect her , well as we speak the Tomato is flourishing and the Girl is in Gulag waiting for mercies of Court, even when SOCIAL MENACE called Media have pushed her to suicidal height and abandoned her to carry her Cross.

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Many innocent Young’s girls are displaying the private parts on SOCIAL Media, all in the name of content creating, many iniquity oozing ladies and Men with abbreviated (Cut short Brand) Men hail them.

Ladies go online and display lack of home training and hide same as content display, little did they know that, if you plant a tree , it takes years to produce or cause nuisance and it’s on your Land.

Another Lady went on Air to announce that she has empty Brain but Rich cleavage, she boasted of using her Very private place to Garner her academic Decree, she said she have slept with all Realtors and few days after, she started another content apology ,but the Public is wiser.

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That act will set her future in turmoil and she will think it’s her lineage and village people that are doing her ,but what you sow ,you must reap.

What you put on Social Media stays for 40 years even when you think you have purged it, one day the system will release it as Pandora box and do not forget that “Internet never forget” .

Just be warned… i am Mkpisi Ndi Egede and i come to heal and teach.

Pen of the gods at 2:19 AM

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