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Man Who Died Hours To Travel For Masters Degree In UK Lied- Family, Friends Gives Full Story

On Ugochukwu Okpani, the young man that passed away the day he falsely claimed he was going abroad to further his studies, which had many thinking his town’s people murdered him out of envy: Anwulika Udanoh writes????

I have read different versions of stories surrounding the death of Okpani Ugochukwu but, it seems no one wants to break down the story in a way it will show what happened before the crisis that led to his death.

According to my source who’s a part of those who investigated what happened, these are to be noted:

*He was rusticated from the seminary where he went to train to become a priest.

*He wrote Jamb and went to NAU but dropped out in the final year. That means he doesn’t have any certificate. His friends knew this but kept that secret for him.

*He had once told his friends that he’s not happy with his life and is thinking of ending it. They told him to dead the idea and stay hopeful.

*He wasn’t offered any admission by Wolverhampton University in the UK on full scholarship. That post came as a surprise to his closest friends who knew that he’s a drop out so, they took it as clout.

*On the night before his death the next morning, his sister said that he came back in unusual body language. He wasn’t his cheerful self.

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*He called a family meeting around 10PM that night and told his family that he’s traveling for studies and it is for the good of their family. He told them that his trip will change the fortune of the family. He then entered his room to sleep.

*His sister heard loud noise from his room but thought he was praying. When the noise came louder the second time was when she alerted her elder brother and they forced their way into his room and found him rolling on the floor.

*A Pastor came and prayed for him. He said it’s a spiritual attack. When he’s done praying was when Ugochukwu muttered the name of the hospital and requested for them to take him there. They took him to the hospital that night.

*He was at the hospital where he was being sustained with oxygen until around 6am in the morning when he gave up the ghost.

*His mouth smelled of Sniper but there was no sign of a sniper container in his room or the family and the Pastor wouldn’t have wasted time praying for him.

After reading all this, knowing that he came back that night with no sign of serious illness but just low in spirit and after reviewing what he told his family which turned out to be the same lie he told people online, I have a strong feeling that he committed suicide.

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He didn’t die in his sleep so, no one killed him in his sleep as some people suspected. No one poisoned him from outside else, he wouldn’t have energy to hold that meeting with his family when he came home.

I hope the Police carries out the needed autopsy so as to confirm the cause of death and rule out foul play.

Please, take a sick person to the hospital first and don’t waste time, praying. You can pray while the doctors are administering treatment. In a case where someone ingested harmful chemicals, delay of 10 mins in the name of prayer is dangerous.

May his soul rest in peace ????????????

Similar treatise by friends of deceased led by:
Anthony Chikaodiri Oko ????????????
Then the sister started by saying “As Chris was coming in after his long day of activities in the evening, he looked dizzy and weak”. “Unlike him, whenever he’s coming back after his day activities, he wears a smiling face and steps into the general room to greet everyone around, but this time, he didn’t wear any smiling faces as he worked into his room.”

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Fast forward to 10 p.m: he entered the room, woke my mother, and, with us being present, started sharing how his travel would impact the family positively. After his discussion with the family, he went into his room and played himself to sleep.

At Midnight, the sister heard a loud scream of “mommy” from his room. She rushed out and discovered that it was from Christopher. She rushed and alarmed the elder brother, who thought that Christopher was praying.

Until the brother heard the second noise coming from the room, he was forced to break into his room, where they found their brother struggling with life.

A pastor came and started because he said that it was an attack. Until he reached saturation, he told Chris to get up and exercise his faith. But he was too weak for that.

Christopher, grumbling in pain, managed to shout “Mater”. Then he was rushed to Mater, where he was admitted into an emergency ward. Oxygen was connected to help him breathe as his breathing was high.

They kept on praying, and the doctor and nurse kept on with their treatment until 6 a.m., when he was pronounced dead. The doctor’s report shows that his death came through SNIPER.

Anwulika Udanoh X Anthony Chikaodiri Oko.

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