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Mocked For Taking Decision To Tie The Knot: Model Albinos Sets Stunning Snow-White Wedding Theme (Photo)

Albinism is a genetic disorder. That the both persons are persons with albinism doesn’t mean they both have the gene. For a couple (whether black or fair) to give birth to a person with albinism, it means that both parents have the gene. It takes the two to make one person with albinism.
So do not think that parents who give birth to persons with albinism must be always be a person with albinism.
That I am a person with albinism today is because the genetic disorder is in both my mum’s and Dad’s gene.
Coming to these two lovely creatures, they found love. Let’s respect that.

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If they see the need to marry, then they need our support and not our criticisms, mockery or caricature.
I have seen so many making mockery of their decision and I ask, “will you marry her? Or will you marry him?
This is our society, a society where you have no right to your decision or right to even love or be loved because of the strong stigmatization and marginalization of Persons with Albinism.
Many persons with albinism (most especially our Ladies) go through series of heartbreaks because of this same rejection from their families And society at large.
Some even end up committing suicide while some end up withdrawing themselves from the world and end up being depressed.
Now these two have decided to find love which the myelinated ones (black skinned guys/girls) can NEVER give them and what did they get? They still got laughed at for their decision.

Popular Albinos Set To Tie The Knot In A Stunning, Snow-White Wedding

What do you exactly want from us?
To die single?
I leave you all with these questions…..
Don’t we have the right to love?
Don’t we have the right to be loved like other myelinated guys or girls?
Should we kill ourselves for coming out non myelinated?
Stop the stigmatization.
We too have blood run in our veins
We too have the right to love and be loved.
The criticisms and mockeries are too much.
Let those who go through this pain heal. Allow them to heal from the psychological trauma you have put them.
Many persons with albinism are in their shells because the society is too hostile in their treatment towards them.
I am speaking 🗣️ for those who can not speak out (A voice for the voiceless persons with albinism).
Lets say no to Disability based violence.
Let’s be crusaders of love and not builders of hatreds.
You can make a difference by sharing this and educating people on it.
Congratulations to you my dears.
Thank you.
Ezeonwumelu Vivian Chika
Chairperson Anambra State Albinism Association

Popular Albinos Set To Tie The Knot In A Stunning, Snow-White Wedding

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